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    Which traction bar would be best for a street setup for my car

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    For a street car I'd stick with stock, perhaps add some spherical radius rod bushings - they can be bought from Kingpin: IMO the benefits of a traction bar don't outweigh the downsides - namely ground clearance, increased weight and removal of the front jacking point. I have a Full Race bar on my track DB2, it's a great piece of equipment but I plan to go back to a modified stock crossmember (modified for header clearance + install spherical bearings).

    Other than stock I like the Full Race better than any of the other options.
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      My DB2 has a Full Race traction bar it fits better than any other traction bar that I have ever seen. It is only on there because one of the previous owners installed it. I am looking for an OEM set up to replace it.


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        I had the factory cross member notched to fit a skunk2 header, but just put on a full race traction bar. In GS-R and GS with ABS keep in mind that there is some ABS equipment bolted to the passengers side of the cross member. I like it so far but it was a pain in the ass to install for me in my garage..
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