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  • 16x8 +35

    Hello, did anybody try to fit 16x8 with 35 offset? Does the wheel touch suspension?

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    You should be absolutely fine.

    I run a 17x9 +43 in the rear, and run a 5mm spacer in the front for effective +38. If I'm running a 1" wider wheel, and only 3mm less are absolutely fine in the front. I'd figure the same thing in the rear due to my extra 1" in width, and only 8mm less offset.


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      Thanks for the answer. Why did you put 5mm spacer in the front? Did it touch anything or for some other reason?


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        I run the 5mm spacer in the front because it actually gives the car a more "square" look. Our rear quarters do NOT like to roll/pull, so I have just the slightest amount of tire poke on the rear, and that extra 5mm up front makes all the difference.

        I need to get some updated pictures so I can give a point of reference.


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          I'm having a hard time deciding what size wheels i should go with, waiting for pic!


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            Flat out depends on what diameter wheel you want to run.

            Shoot me a message with your email and I'll shoot you a picture or two.


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              I want 16" wheels, but not sure about width and offset. I would like to do something between the looks and function, that's why I was thinking about 8 wide with +35 offset. I thought they should fit without huge amount of camber, because offset isn't low, but would still look nice, because they are 8 inch wide, but as I see, nobody has this size wheel on their DA.
              It's still interesting to see how 9 inch wide wheel looks with such offset.
              Btw, I had 16x9 +13 before, but want something a bit narrower.

              I can't find a way how to send you a PM, maybe you have it disabled on settings?