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  • Front wheel hub

    Hi, does anyone know if some other Honda model wheel hub is same as DA? I know that bearings are the same as 3gen (88-91) Prelude, but what about the hub, are they same too?

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    you can try getting a hub from a da... those typically work. at least i havent heard of any compatibility issues....

    what problem are you having that you need to know this?


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      The problem is - I am from Europe and my DA is only DA in my country..


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        Originally posted by Martynas View Post
        The problem is - I am from Europe and my DA is only DA in my country..
        Lol, yeah I could see where that could be a problem. Post in wtb and see if someone can ship it to you.


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          Yes, thanks, but It would be much easier if someone knew if some other honda model hub is the same (maybe someone tried 3gen prelude one)


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            definitely would have helped to lead with that in your first post. in your situation, finding an interchange is actually pretty important. do you have abs? do you need a front or rear?
            for the rear without abs

            rear with abs

            those 2 links will show you all the interchange vehicles for the rear.

            from what i can find, i dont see any interchange for the front. you may need to take a chance and experiment. i would say try and order one for a civic and see if it matches. theres a good chance it could be the same.

            spoke too soon
            same part, different part number 44600-SF1-980
            says its the same as the 88-89 prelude. not sure how much that helps you


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              Thank you, I need front one and yes, we have preludes here, so It helps a lot!