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Suspension knocking?

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  • Suspension knocking?

    So I currently have K-Tuned coilovers on my DA9. I recently installed K-Tuned front camber arms and i'm hearing knocking sounds when i'm driving over bumpy roads. Mind you my car isn't slammed to the ground but is mildly lowered (Because I prefer to drive a functional car, haha). There's small bouncing up front like you get from blown shocks but the coilovers have only about 500 miles on them (Purchased new). I haven't had these issues prior to installing the new camber arms. I've even tried raising the car and it a little better but occasionally i'll hear the knocking and bouncing over big bumps at higher speeds.

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    Check your front lower control arm bushings and rear trailing arms bushing. I had the same problem when I was building my DA. I would hear a loud clunk when I went over bumps. The sound of metal hitting metal. After some inspection. I discovered my rear trailing arms were shot.