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Brake pressure builds up too much?

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  • Brake pressure builds up too much?

    okay maybe a week a go I noticed that after driving for a bit the brake pedal was getting stiffer to the point where it would move less than an inch and the brakes would activate and I noticed that the front driver side calipers are not releasing the disk and it was heating up way too much, passenger side also but not as much, rear brakes no probs, i have bled all 4 brakes lr,rf,rr,rf i took the caliper off the the car and rinsed aswell as i could, just real dirty brake fluid so i bled the brake fluid in the car until all 4 bleeders ran clear, i test drove it and the pressure still builds and tightens up on the driverside wheel, need hlp pl cuz i
    I'm dam sure I've warped the disk now.

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    Possible caliper lock up. Might very well be multiple issues (although I doubt you've got a vacuum booster problem).


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      problem solved, replaced the caliper and all's good now


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        Good to hear. I love the calipers on these things....3 years, like clockwork.


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          All 4 of mine are still original from 1991 All 4 rotors were original too until last year, I replaced both front ones because of stress cracks... the rear rotors have never been off the car.

          Still stops on a dime.


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            Yes, but you hail from Texas. In Minnesota, the salt eats EVERYTHING. Therefore, if your car was winter-driven (like mine was before I bought it), you get to replace lots of parts.


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              yeah, that's brake fade to you and a stuck caliper will cause that. i had to fix the same problem on my accord 2-3 weeks ago. also if the outer pad is worn more than the inner pad then you have a stuck caliper. a worn inner pad means a stuck piston (very rare tho)