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SD For Sale RARE PARTS! OEM Hatch Visor, Hood Bra, Personal Box, Floor mats, N MORE! will ship

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  • SD For Sale RARE PARTS! OEM Hatch Visor, Hood Bra, Personal Box, Floor mats, N MORE! will ship

    ----------UPDATED------------- Items added on 11/08/16

    I just sold my DB2 a few days ago after owning it for the last 15 years (I'm having seconds thoughts you know?.... The new owner hasn't pick up the car yet)

    Anyway, I'm going to start selling all the parts that I have accumulated over the years and wanted to post the most rare here first so you guys have a chance to pick them up.

    I'm located in San Diego for shipping calculation purposes. Payments are by PayPal or cash if picked up. Prices does not include shipping or PayPal fees. I ship anywhere in the US.

    - OEM Rear Hatch Visor: $600-------SOLD!!!
    I bought this visor from another G2IC Member here a while back but never got to use it. I only installed it twice in my car to see how it looked but that's it. It is in amazing condition for the year with no cracks, and no visible scratches. Unfortunately, it is missing ONE mount. Other that the is in in great shape.

    - JDM Personal box for DA:$200------SOLD!!!
    In perfect condition, even has the protector on the "No Smoking!" label from the factory

    - OEM DA 4 piece floor mats:$250 ------SOLD!!!

    - OEM DA Hood and Fender Bra: $250
    I also bought this set brand new a long time ago and it is still stored in the factory box. Comes with he box and the instructions. The elastics are in great condition as I have only used it for short periods of time and never in rain or with the car dirty.

    - Custom California Car cover for DA9/DB2 :$115
    Ok, This one is not OEM or JDM but it is one of the best car covers I ever had. It is custom made for the DA and it is made of a breathable multi-layer for added durability. Also it has a soft inner layer for added care to the paint. this is an outdoor cover so it is UV resistant as well as rain and dust resistance. This cover retails for $250

    - OEM factory 14" wheel set: $ make an offer
    This is the factory wheel set that came with the car. One of the wheels have a curb rash and all of them have the normal wear and tear of a 24 year old wheel set.

    - JDM Type-R valve cover: $300
    New in Box, never used! Part# 12310-P73-J00. Very hard to find.

    - OEM DB2 Valve Cover: $100
    Used condition, its the one that came with the car. Very good condition.

    - OEM Rear Skirt Panel: $100 OBO-----SOLD!!!
    Part # 66130-SK7-010ZZ, Used but in good condition. Red color, Needs a paint job as the part has scratches in paint

    Photos uploaded on Photobucket
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    Tried to upload the photos but something happened with my computer. I'll try again tomorrow morning.
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      If you can grab me pics and a detailed description of any flaws of the floormats I'd really appreciate it! They are graphite/charcoal in color correct? Willing to ship? You can send pics via e-mail if it's easier for you. [email protected]



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        rollinmyda pics sent!


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          Can you send pics of the floor mats to [email protected]. thanks


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            I would also like to see pictures of the floor mats.
            [email protected]


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              Can u send me pics of rear hatch visor and personal box @[email protected]


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                Pics sent [email protected]


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                  pics of the car cover. does it have the holes for locks?
                  [email protected]


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                    Fish... pics sent. It does have the holes for the lock. Price includes lock and chain!


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                      I'll take the floor mats whats your paypal.


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                        Can you send pics of oem rear visor.
                        [email protected]


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                          Originally posted by escudogt2 View Post
                          I'll take the floor mats whats your paypal.
                          What's your email escudogt2 and zip code? I'll email you a complete quote with pays pal fees and shipping


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                            Its [email protected] my zip is 19401


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                              Interested in the rear hatch visor PayPal ready let me know...