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1992 RS Chassis, Built B16A, Turbo Kit, Enkei RPF1s

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  • 1992 RS Chassis, Built B16A, Turbo Kit, Enkei RPF1s

    I'm selling my 1992 Integra DA9 chassis and built B16A (500hp+ capable). Located in Austin TX (admin, add TX to title as I forgot, thanks)

    PHOTOS ADDED AT THE BOTTOM (I can't upload all the photos so here is a link to see all of them : )

    A lot of work, heart and money has gone into this car, but unfortunately after 8 years of ownership my excitement and interest for the build has faded and I feel it's time to let someone else enjoy it as much as I have.

    The majority of the parts are either brand new or have less than a few thousand miles on them.

    I'll list the parts in as much detail as I can below separated by chassis specs, engine specs, and turbo specs. Please note I'd prefer to sell everything together...however, I will list the prices for the chassis, turbo kit, and engine separately if you wish to purchase just one or the other. I will not part out the separate groups of parts so please do not ask...Also NO TRADES.

    1992 DA9 RS Chassis : $3000 (Clean Title In Hand) obo
    The chassis is painted Milano Red with 216,351 miles on it. This is an RS chassis which is the lightest of the DA range having roll up windows and manual climate controls. This chassis used to be an automatic and was converted to 5 speed over 10 years ago by the previous owner. I have not had a single issue with the conversion in the 8 years I've owned the car. There are some small dents and scratches here and there along the body; the windshield does have two cracks and the paint is beginning to fade on the roof, but overall the body and paint are in pretty good condition for being 26 years old especially when compared to the majority of Integras or Hondas you typically see driving around. The interior is in really good condition apart from a hole in the carpet underneath the pedals. It has some custom made carbon fiber dash panels to house the boost, AFR, and oil pressure gauges. The taillights have no cracks and do not leak. Both automatic seatbelts work flawlessly. No interior weatherstrip leaks which is a common problem for these cars that have not been maintained properly. The pop open sunroof was added by the previous owner who also sealed it shut due to it leaking. I have never tried to open it or break that seal and it has not leaked one drop in the 8 years I've owned the car.

    The chassis is perfect for a lightweight racecar project as the major work like replacing all the bushings and clean up has already been done. The engine bay has been cleaned of all grease, oil, dirt and was repainted black. This chassis is ready and prepped for an engine to be dropped in.

    I can go into more detail and answer any questions for those who are interested in purchasing.
    The chassis will come with the following parts and features:
    • Full Energy Suspension Bushing Upgrade (installed in 2016)
    • Lower Ball Joints & Wheel Bearings (replaced in 2016)
    • JDM One Pieces Headlights (no cracks, no broken tabs, no leaks)
    • Skunk 2 Pro-S Gen 1 Coilovers (upgraded with Energy Suspension Bushings)
    • Skunk 2 Front Upper Control Arms
    • Autometer Ultralight Series Air To Fuel Ratio Gauge
    • Autometer ES Series Boost Gauge
    • Sunpro Oil Pressure Gauge
    • Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Pieces
    • Carbon Fiber Beauty Rings For Hood Exit Exhaust
    • Alpine Stereo
    • Infinity Kevlar Speakers
    • Blox Limited Edition Neochrome Weighted Shift Knob
    • P28 ECU / Hondata S300 (with boost by gear)
    • Megan Racing Rear Camber Kit
    • Momo Racing Leather Steering Wheel
    • NRG Steering Wheel Hub Adapter
    • Synergy Performance Steel Neochrome Lug Nuts
    • Go Autoworks Dual Core Radiator (with upper and lower hose)
    • SPAL Radiator Fan
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Walbro 465lph Fuel Pump (E85 compatible)
    • DC2 Dual Bend Shifter
    • Rolling Launch Control / Antilag wired into the wiper stalk on steering column (I can walk you through how that works and how to adjust the setting in Hondata)
    • Anti-theft Kill Switch (hidden, will explain where it's located)
    • Auto To Manual Conversion
    • Optima Battery (relocated to trunk)
    • Good Window Tint All Around (20% door, 5% rear quarters and rear hatch no bubbles or peeling)
    • Mud Flaps (all 4 also hard to find)
    • Rear Upper Strut Bar
    • EBC Redstuff Front Brake Pads
    • Centric Front Rotors
    • Hard Brake Lines and Proportional Valve Powder Coated Gloss Black
    • OEM Engine Wiring Harness (needs to be re-loomed in some type of wiring wrap)
    • Axles and Halfshaft (with bolts)
    • What the chassis does not come with is a brake booster, master cylinder, or windshield wipers and wiper motor.

      Note : chassis priced at $2500 will come with steelies.

      B16A Built Engine : $5000 obo

      JDM B16A Built Engine
      The bottom end was built by CNC Werx back in May of 2017 (I have the invoice). They installed their CSS (Cylinder Support System), jet wash, bore, hone, crankshaft micropolish, ACL race bearings and completed the bottom end assembly. The cylinder head was assembled by me and everything has been torqued to spec, valves have been properly lashed for the cam spec, and everything has been triple checked and rotates smoothly.

      Engine Parts include (note : all parts are brand new unless otherwise mentioned) :
    • CSS (Cylinder Support System)
    • Manley 11.0:1 Forged Pistons
    • Manley Forged H-Beam Rods
    • ACL Race Bearings (rods, mains and thrust)
    • OEM Main Bolts
    • MyHondaHabit Composite Oil Pan Gasket/Stud Kit (reusable)
    • GSC Dual Valvesprings
    • GSC Titanium Retainers
    • GSC Nitrated Intake Valves (standard size)
    • GSC Nitrated Exhaust Valves (standard size)
    • Supertech Valve Keepers
    • OEM Valve Seals
    • Kelford 176-X Custom Cams (will include cam box and card with specs and info)
    • Toda Racing Adjustable Cam Gears
    • JE Pro Seal Head Gasket
    • Science Of Speed LMA's (lost motion assemblies)
    • ARP Head Studs
    • OEM Oil Pump
    • OEM Crankshaft Seal
    • OEM Rear Main Seal
    • OEM Cam Seals (cam gear side)
    • OEM Water Pump
    • OEM Thermostat
    • OEM Timing Belt Tensioner
    • OEM Vtec Solenoid Gasket
    • OEM Oil Pressure Sensor
    • OEM Coolant Pipe Gaskets (connect to thermostat housing and water pump)
    • OEM Coolant Temp Sensor
    • OEM Coolant Gauge Temp Sender
    • OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket (used)
    • K-Tuned Belt Tensioner (used to help belt slap between the cam gear and crank pulley)
    • Streetrays Cam Seal (vtec solenoid side of cam)
    • Gates Racing Timing Belt
    • Hasport Transmission Mount (for hydraulic trans, missing bushings as they were worn out. $25 for new ones) (used)
    • Hasport Rear Engine Mount (race bushing - used)
    • Hasport Cable To Hydro Conversion Kit (used)
    • Thermal Reusable Intake Manifold Gasket (used)
    • Clutchmasters FX350 Clutch Disc & Pressure Plate (roughly 5k miles on it. Needs new throwout bearing, but plenty of life left to put down the power of this engine. Included clutch alignment tool and hardware- used)
    • Exedy 9.5lb Lightweight Flywheel (no hot spots or warping - used)
    • OEM B16 Intake Manifold/Throttle Body with gasket and IACV with gasket (used)
    • OEM Fuel Rail (used)
    • Brackets Powder Coated Gloss Black
    • Alternator and Belt (used)
    • NGK Spark Plug Wires (used)
    • Powder Coated Valve Cover/ Fuel Rail (custom color I called Vtec Blue)
    • The block and head have been repainted silver and have absolutely no grease or dirt anywhere on them. I will include the engine stand that it's on for an additional $50.

      As mentioned above the pricing is :

      92 DA RS Chassis - $3000 obo

      Built B16A Engine - $5000 (with engine stand) obo

      NO TRADES!
    If you'd like to see more photos than what I posted in the link at the top feel free to ask. I have tons of photos from the build.
    • Note : No Transmission
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    Figured I'd add some photos in here if for some reason people aren't clicking the link at the top to see them or if it's not working for some reason


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                  Do you still have the turbo kit?
                  im very interested


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                    Originally posted by AcUrAtEgGS View Post
                    Do you still have the turbo kit?
                    im very interested
                    Yes I do. I sent you a text


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                      Would you sell the headlights? Probably a no but doesn't hurt to ask.


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                        Originally posted by Max_DB2#602 View Post
                        Would you sell the headlights? Probably a no but doesn't hurt to ask.
                        No at the moment. I might be willing to part the chassis out in a few months though if it doesn't sell as is


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                          If anyone is interested in the wheels and tires I can do $1300 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Let me know
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                            Turbo kit is SOLD


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                              Enkei RPF1s SOLD