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FS Nor Cal (Eureka) 90 Integra

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  • FS Nor Cal (Eureka) 90 Integra

    My old 90 4 door Tegra GS has outlived its usefulness to my daughter. She needs to get rid of it, the sooner the better. Anyone need a project or a parts car?

    Details: Black 1990 4 door Integra GS. JDM pullout B18B with original B18A manifolds & dist. B series manifolds etc. thought to still be in the trunk. No major dents, but interior is tired, door handles, & the usual stuff need attention. Sits on original rims and balding tires. Car is shy of 300k miles. Engine will not start she says, but is not seized. Best of my recollection is it should be still under 100k miles on engine, but no promises as to what is wrong. I am a very long ways away and thus cannot troubleshoot, sadly. Attempts to figure it out over the phone were futile. She also has an Accord, so this one is just in her way. Trans is close ratio (boy was that fun!) but in need of syncros & presumably bearings at this point. Essentially this will either be a project car or a parts donor. Glass is intact but the old tinting is peeling. Clear coat is peeling. Asking $100 OBO, but the catch will be you will have to haul it away BEFORE 1-26-16. Clear title & current Ca. plates. Don't be bashful about making an offer if you can seriously get it out of there. Sorry, cannot hold for anyone, first person with a trailer will take it. Will work on getting some pictures if requested, please email me at (deleted) if you are ready to jump on this. EXPIRES 1-25-16!

    edit: Sorry, too late. Headed to the crusher, what a shame!
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