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WTB - 92/93 GS-R, stock condition or close to with low miles

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    since78. I understand. Finding a low mod or not mod'd gsr is nearly impossible. I will get photos when i can get to my friend's ranch. I would let it go for $2k as it. So far I have been priced at $1.6k to repair frame damage. Only mod's this car has is drilled slotted front rotors, and RSR exhaust. There are aftermarket 17's but I have OEM 92 GS wheels from my 92 GS that I plan to put in this car. It has Black complete leather interior. The damage to the car is mild fixable dent to passenger door, broke passenger window. steering colum cover damaged, steering key assembly, and dash frame. The cluster is undamaged, and has OEM p61. I am the 3rd owner, the second is the son of the 1st owner who is his mother. The car has the aftermarket black one peice lights which i intend to go OEM or JDM on that once I can get the funds to repair the damage and touch up the fade on the top.

    The car in peices is worth more than $2.

    No biggie a trade with you did not workout, this is a pretty intense fix, but will be nice when it is complete .. staying OEM under the hood and mild suspension performance mod's


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      This one


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        If you can fix it. it is just a chassi, you will have to arrange towing from Auburn Washington