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hows high comp ls vtec on road race track?

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  • hows high comp ls vtec on road race track?

    let me know what you think... i dont know if i should just go gsr setup or ls vtec setup. i really wanna do a ls vtec one day but i dont know if road racing is the best place escpecially with the hot sun. i already have the ls vtec but im thinking of getting gsr longblock instead.. im not looking for ridiculous power but 180ish is fine with me for a start and to be able to drive it quietly the rest of the week.

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    I made 187whp on a mild LSVtec motor. And it's reliable as ever.


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      i know and your setups dope but have u auto x it? thats what im going for. something i can autox and daily. im not saying ones better than the other im just wondering why every autox build thats b series is b16 or b18c and no ls vtecs??


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        have u watched colins autox vids? looks like you can easily always be in vtec. the thing with ls vtec is at least for me. i know their dope drag motors but autox im not so sure which is why im asking. autox is longer abuse on the motor. look at stoopid1s builds im sure they were properly built but two ls vtecs went boom.. i cant afford to grenade a motor and ive always thought gsr motors were the next best thing to the type r..


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          I don't auto-x it to be honest.

          I believe it's a less common motor because people either think they're "expensive" to build.. or at unreliable. This isn't 1997 anymore.. an LSVtec motor can be just as reliable as any stock motor. If its assembled properly, you've nothing to worry about.

          The GS-R is a great motor, and the block girdle is a nice addition.. but I don't see it as being a necessity.

          B16s are awesome because they're rev-happy.. but in an auto-x environment I think I'd want the torque-band of a 1.8L B.

          Of course, performance on a road course will depend a lot on whatever cam shaft is used.. the same goes for daily use. Which is why I found the OEM Type-R cams a good choice for me. Decent high end with more economic low RPM.

          Stoopid1 said the B20v failed due to an injector.. and the LSv was a problem in the head.. neither build was the block at fault.

          If you're going to give the (any) block higher revs than what it was designed to take, you're asking for issues. Upgrade the weak sohc/LS rod bolts and it will be strong... Throw in ARP main studs and head studs and it will be track-worthy for sure. And, with the proper cam, you can still keep the RPMs low.

          Again, take my build for example.. stock redline is 6,800rpm. ITR cams lose power at 7,800RPM.

          So even with my redline at 8k, I'm still only barely 1k over the stock redline.. a block with full ARP hardware can take that small change.


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            im trying to build it to be as basic and oemish as possible and either setup is capable of 180ish with high compression pistons... less in motor less i got to worry about same as car. it wil have just the basics until i feel more comfortable with willow which is why im leaning towards gsr. seems i can rebuild one witb itr pistons for alot cheaper than a forged internal ls vtec. if i went ls vtec itd have to be forged pidtons since its 82mm


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              ok so whats ur compression? if i remeber 11.8:1 on 91. what do you think about c16 for roadracing


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                Originally posted by DAprojectTuRtle View Post

                if i went ls vtec itd have to be forged pidtons since its 82mm
                Eh? LS/B16/GSR/ITR are all 81mm.

                Yes my CR is right around 11.5:1 on pump gas.

                Stock GSR and a stock-block LS with a B16 head will only have a difference of .02:1 compression, they are very close in that aspect.


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                  mines a bored 1mm over. see and thats what worries me bout even a fully built gsr too many aftermarket parts and if one goes it messes it all up.


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                    what your saying makes sense..


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                      Both are good choices. The only way you can go wrong is if you have it assembled poorly.


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                        im not against the ls vtec at all or else i wouldnt have bought it but i am finicky about what purpose to use it for. ive got a drag setup going for it already but no legit tracks. willows right down the street and looks fun so my goal is build something at around 180-190whp and run it there and then run stock intake and header during week for legality..


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                          well thats the thing too im not a engine builder dont know engine builders and golden eagle aint cheap. or i can take a few peeps words on getting it built. whereas gsr i can rebuild myself.


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                            just an FYI mine went boom because of an overlooked part (most likely) and the B20 failed because of the injector. I autoX with my car and have done lapping days with no issues, and it had seen about 10k miles untuned and beat on with no issues, which I wouldn't recommend doing that untuned haha.


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                              If you can rebuild a GS-R, you can assemble an LSV.

                              There isn't much of a difference besides routing an external oil supply to the vtec head.