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Top 10 Fastest 1/4-Mile G2's V.2

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  • Top 10 Fastest 1/4-Mile G2's V.2

    Since the other thread was abandoned years ago and no further updates were available, I will do my best to keep up with timeslips and updates on this new TOP 10 Fastest 1/4 mile G2's.


    1) db2-gzr-lv - 10.448 @ 148.36mph - Slicks

    2) Integrated93 - 10.98 @ 135.89mph - Slicks

    3) Tchleung - 11.18 @ 140.86mph - Notable Video 1 ,Notable video 2

    4) Turbociv910 - [email protected] - slicks

    5) 92notec - [email protected] - slicks

    6) Turboteg - [email protected] 129mph - slicks

    7) Teggyracer18 - [email protected] - slicks

    8) kmaz93da - 11.87 @ 120.34mph - slicks -Notable Video

    9) Smokeintegra - [email protected] -slicks

    10) Hamfab - 11.96 @ 120mph


    1) Fym allmotor - [email protected] -Notable Video

    2) gTIntegra - [email protected] - Slicks

    3) abs-lsd - 13.49 @ 106.86 - DR

    4) Hondatec38 - 13.6 at 103.3mph - DR

    5) AllMotorDA - [email protected] - Slicks

    6) G2guru - [email protected]

    7) viprtwo - 14.2 @ 97mph

    8) Integra GS - 14.247 @ 96.80

    9) darnizzle8805 - LS-Slicks 14.414 @ 96.21mph

    10)Stevo-DA - LS-Vtec -14.594 @ 95.78


    Post up your:

    - Fastest Times With slip

    - Dyno Sheet

    - Videos (if you got em)

    - Set-up (N/A,Turbo, Supercharged, Nitrous)

    - Tires (Drag Radials, Slicks, Street)

    *No updates if no time slips or video showing time!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!*

    ---------------------------------*** List will be updated as memebers post their times ***

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    Update my time

    Normally Aspirated

    2.2 60ft
    [email protected]

    2500 lbs with driver
    89x81mm LSvtec
    Full interior, full exhaust


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      Post up your:

      - Fastest Times With slip

      - Dyno Sheet

      - Videos (if you got em)

      - Set-up (N/A,Turbo, Supercharged, Nitrous)

      - Tires (Drag Radials, Slicks, Street)

      *No updates if no time slips or video showing time!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!*


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        I had 25" x8 x13 MH full slicks

        Ls vtec, gt35r, SLS ram horn(t3/44) , 18 psi, J1 cable non lsd trans, dss stage 3 axels, Motec ECU.


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          13.1 @106mph
          2.0 60ft


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            Here's My time and WHP! With B18/Vtec:
            Integra 90 All motor On dyno with B18 hybrid......228WHP!!!....... By JD Performance and Tunning in Puerto Rico

            Engine Specs :
            Pistons PCT
            Head B16
            Skunk 2 Seleniod Cover
            Sprocket Skunk2 Tunner series
            Coil MSD
            Intake Manifold CTR
            PVC Intake
            Fuel Regulator
            Fuel rail Skunk2
            Cams Skunk2
            Valve & Retainer Skunk2
            Sprins Omni Power
            Tranny B16 Sir 4.40
            Flightwheel ACT
            Catch Can
            Header Tri-Y Regular tube
            Throttle Profetional product
            Exaust 2 1/2
            P28 Crome

            Without Electrical Water Pump & ITB

            Dyno :

            Dyno Video!


            Here's the Video

            Pics Of the Cars


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              all updates. Nice times and car. need to take the #1 a 12.79 or faster. I know your capable of it.


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                Thanks a lot... we know the car cant make best number, right now we're making a correction with the reaction, wheels, suspention, and that they we going to the track run with the damage alternator...that day we run out of tunning but we going to the track with best reaction and best 60ft...for best time in miles and in the 1/4 mile.... Thanks!!! that #1 it's for me!! lol


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                  heres a video of my DA with built LS v on a LS trans with street tires best run was a 14.594 i have a y1 with 2way LSD now havent had a chance to go out and run it but will soon hopefully



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                    just added the update. is there not 1 G2 that runs all motor in the 11's? I know there has to be quite a few, but we are a scarce crowd. represent G2IC!!!!


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                      im pretty sure id be low 13s high 12s with slicks with my new b16 LSD trans just havent had time to go out with it, also got the new header in the pic hope to get a run in befor i leave for basic


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                        just went back to the track wednesday and I ran the same time as posted. but a higher trap speed of 119MPH, so I decide I'm going to go for broke.

                        I lowered the pressure in the 24.5 MT's and up the boost a lil and take off at almost redline. the results........broken driverside axle on a 1-2 shift, but i picked up enough speed in 1st to get me all the way down the track, then I got towed back.

                        pretty funny, that I have never broken an axle. I always preload but what to do for a 1-2 shift??? I have no idea. as I have time to get it off the car, I will post pics so all can see.

                        oh and best of all on that run I got my best 60' ever of 1.6, too bad I couldn't follow through with the rest of the


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                          didnt get to make it back out this season befor i leave so il try and move up some spots in the N/A group next year


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                            heres the driverside broken axle. it broke at the spline as you can see from a 1-2 shift. I managed to gain enough speed to still get down the rest of the track


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                              ohh i think you need a racing axle for the best 60ft and reaction!!!