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Top 10 Fastest 1/4-Mile G2's V.2

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    Going to the track may23 all motor w/237 wheel hope to take a top spot


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      Originally posted by smokeintegra View Post
      Since the other thread was abandoned years ago and no further updates were available, I will do my best to keep up with timeslips and updates on this new TOP 10 Fastest 1/4 mile G2's.


      1) Integrated93 - 10.98 @ 135.89mph - Slicks

      2) Tchleung - 11.18 @ 140.86mph - DR

      3) Turbociv910 - [email protected]

      4) Turboteg - [email protected] 129mph

      5) Smokeintegra - [email protected]

      6) Hamfab - 11.96 @ 120mph

      7) Drywater - 12.2 @ 114 mph - Slicks

      8) Hondatec38 - 12.3 @ 114.6 - Slicks

      9) Da9Grl's BF - 13.0 @ 108 mph

      10) teggyracer18 - 13.12 @ 107.21


      1) Fym allmotor - [email protected] -Notable Video

      2) gTIntegra - [email protected] - Slicks

      3) Hondatec38 - 13.6 at 103.3mph - DR

      4) AllMotorDA - [email protected] - Slicks

      5) G2guru - [email protected]

      6) viprtwo - 14.2 @ 97mph

      7) Integra GS - 14.247 @ 96.80

      8) Stevo-DA - LS-Vtec -14.594 @ 95.78

      9) Black Widow g2 - 14.7

      10)Jdmphresh - 14.84 @ 91.4


      Post up your:

      - Fastest Times With slip

      - Dyno Sheet

      - Videos (if you got em)

      - Set-up (N/A,Turbo, Supercharged, Nitrous)

      - Tires (Drag Radials, Slicks, Street)

      *No updates if no time slips or video showing time!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!*

      ---------------------------------*** List will be updated as memebers post their times ***


      the last naturally aspired time, i will beat that this summer!


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        Originally posted by fym_allmotor View Post
        im girl, thanks a lot for youre comment. Well we use ctr, i think the skunk2 pro2 are very good cams.... Here's some specs.

        Engine specs :
        B18a1 82mmx89mm
        pistons pct (ctr)
        head b16
        cometic gasket
        skunk 2 seleniod cover
        sprocket blox
        coil msd
        intake manifold ctr
        pvc intake
        fuel regulator
        fuel rail skunk2
        fuel injectors 380
        cams skunk2
        valve & retainer skunk2
        sprins omni power
        tranny b16 sir 4.40
        flightwheel act
        catch can
        header tri-y regular tube
        throttle profettional product
        exaust 2 1/2
        hondata s300
        electrical water pump

        here's the vid of the dyno

        all comments are welcome!!!
        hey fym what rpm did you find to be a good launch rpm and what tires you running? Also do you use the s300 2 step on launch? Thats a sick 60 ft time good driving


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          added your Vid Tommy


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            Originally posted by JayDM_ls/vtec View Post
            hey fym what rpm did you find to be a good launch rpm and what tires you running? Also do you use the s300 2 step on launch? Thats a sick 60 ft time good driving
            For a good luch we find at 7,000rpm the car is heavy.... with slick 22x8-13.... Yes we use the Hondata S300 2step... the best 60 ft I got is 1.80... But right now we making some upgrades for make best time and best 60ft. We want 12.4 or less in the Integra with out cutting anythink part and all OEM glasses.


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                tony hit me up its kenny from daygo


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                  oh shiznit...kenny, what up man? too bad your times arent in a G2 chassis otherwise youd take #1 spot...


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                    haha thanks i can always just throw my shit in a g2 haha... hit me up bro [email protected]


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                      Hello to all people, today me make a New Record All Motor Integra.... Was [email protected] @ Salinas Speeways in Puerto Rico.... I Have Video on FB.... And Pics... If you want add me on FB... My name is Fraika... Thanks to All...


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                        very nice. any pics of timeslips or can you upload video to Youtube? I want to update your times. this is great news. thank you for putting the good Ol'G2 on the pedestool!!! #1


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                          Here the time slip for the 12.2 of our Integra! Sorry for the quality is a cel pic! I have the Video on Facebook!


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                            I ran a 14.2 na and im making 343whp boosted now and expecting 12s.....I did an 8.5 in the 1/8 at 91 mph and thats rolling off the line of street tires


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                              NCSI, you shouldnt have a problem hitting low 12's. I ran 12.0 at that power level or less....


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                                times updated..... I will have new times soon hopefully. I got a new turbo setup. T3T67.... so should be fun...