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Import Alliance Atlanta, GA Spring Meet 2011: Chapter 1, G2 Integras in attendance

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  • Import Alliance Atlanta, GA Spring Meet 2011: Chapter 1, G2 Integras in attendance

    Well, to all G2 members in the southeast region that did not go to I.A in Atlanta this past Sunday, here are some pics to get started on what you missed. Then again, I'm quite sure you heard about I.A through word of mouth or other websites unless you and your G2 have been incased in Carbon Freeze and displayed as a trophy in Jabba the Hutts' Palace.
    Here is Chapter 1 of my god awful pics of all the second gens that were in attendance. And when I say awful, I mean my digital camera SUCKS balls (there are picture phones that take far better pics than my camera) and also the fact that there were so many in attendance, that you had to rush your shot before someone walked or drove into your view. But also, I am a poor photographer coupled with the fact that I was impatient on all my shots, so sorry.
    If you were at the show and you see your car, give a shout out (hoping that your car was not stolen from Jiggaboo Jones and he was at the meet showin off your car).

    more to come...

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    good coverage bro!!! good seeing you this weekend.


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      This is a good friend and business associate, Vinny "silverDA" with his grey Integra on some Tom's Spirit C3 mag wheels. Thanks to him for making it. Will explain about the wheels in my "BLT Burger Special" in exile thread later on this week in the General & Media/General G2/G2IC Discussion thread section.

      This is how stupid my camera is. I tried to rush this shot of this gutted out CRX with a K24 swap,
      but my camera was taking to long to capture the image, and the guy drove off. Before he got into position, I was taking a pic of this DA across the way, and the camera stalled on this picture. When I got home and downloaded all the pics, both shots had merged into one. Strange, yet I still hate my camera.

      Because the turnout was so large at I.A in the 7 deck parking garage, there were other vehicles parked outside, in front of the Georgia Dome. As we drove out I did not know there were so many other cars that did not go in. I dont know much info about it (just hear say), but I heard stories that:
      -people got turned away because the 2000 car spot capacity was filled
      -The outside parking company tricked people to park in their lot, stealing from I.As rented lot.
      -Fire marshal made the decision that their were too many people and gas exhaust levels were high from modded cars.
      -Georgia Dome police felt that it was getting too unsafe because too many people were cruising their cars throughout the garage.
      -The event organizers exceeded their limit
      ....I dont know the real facts, but those and many more stories were the case why people started parking outside. Here are the last few DAs we took pics with outside just before we left for the day.

      Vinny's Teg again. I'm happy I sold these wheels to him. They really look better on his DA than mine.

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        "Big Jim Slay's Annual Import Alliance/Atlanta Top 3 G2s" of the day!*

        ....and finally, these are "The BigBenSlay Top 3 G2 winners of the event"* award (IMO). So here it goes in no paticular order.

        Dissapointed in myself in not taking more pics of this DA, as IMO thought it looked fairly well. You had to see this car in person to appreciate the offset and stance.

        The only two DB1s (at least from what I saw)represented, these were the only two DB1s that I had seen all day at the event and they were impressive in person.

        This DB, I just happened to catch just before I drove out of the garage, and I wish could have pulled over to get more pics.

        This is a buddy of mine from our local DA meets. Last year he had some tough ass wheels on his 4 door, this year he came back punchin' people in the stomach with these 16 inch old skool GALES. I tried so hard to get a decent shot of his DB in so many settings, but FAILED. I am so sorry that you guys have to rely on my photography, I felt it was needed to give you 4 $#!tty pics.

        *now on a side note. Me being the DA/DB FANatic that I am, and the fact that I am a resident of Atlanta, as long as Import Alliance continues to bring this event to Atlanta (knowing that this is a meet and not a car show). Next year I challenge all G2s that happen to attend next years Spring I.A event for my Annual Top 3 award that represent G2IC. I want all that come out, not come half assed. Get your DA/DB cleaned up, hooked up and non riced, rep the 2nd gen Integra RIGHT so people that do not pay attention to an older model car like ours, can have a since of respect for our model. Now I'm not $#!ttin' on the 2nd gens that did not have the funds to get their car straight, but simply have more G2s out looking good instead of the majority of our model lookin like an everyday ignore that, sleepy car .
        All potenial G2s out there can compete for my coveted award. No registration or money involved. I'll just simply walk around, throughout the day, observing which three to pick as my favorite of the event. Just before the end of the meet(hoping that I catch the winners before they leave the event early), I will come to the 3 chosen favorite, introduce myself, hopefully take a pic while presenting the award. I will go so far s to hiring a pro photographer to make sure I get a few great shots of the whole presentation.
        I'm not talking about no cheap shout out like I did today on the website. I will go out prior to I.A's Spring Meet and shop for an outstanding award from a trophy and awards store and present that award in person to the top 3 cleanest G2s. My DA will definitly not qualify, I want G2s FAR superior than my low budget build. So guys and gals, get it right and come out next year, and I will promise to do what I can to make it out and present my favorite pick!
        Please feel free to comment on my idea. I look for some positive feedback as well as controversy over what I WILL do. I love G2s and I will definitly take an interest in presenting awards to a 2nd gen Teg that I HATE 2 LOVE.

        Hope you guys enjoyed my sorry, pathetic pics of Chapter 1 of G2 Integras in attendance. Look out for Chapter 2, "All others and misc pics" later on. Import Alliance Spring 2011 was pretty amazing and better than the last 2 years. Hope to see you all there next year!
        This is my DA (on black wheels)to close out. This is BigBenSlay saying, so long everybody!!!
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          Looks like u found every DA except mine. Good pics though


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            nice hahaha at my old da #6 pic what happend??????jk
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              Originally posted by jako92 View Post
              Looks like u found every DA except mine. Good pics though
              I scowerd that entire garage looking specifically for every 2nd gen from 8am, til 3. Where were you parked? I'm sorry that I missed yours. You got a pic of your car at the meet or any other DAs/DBs I missed, post it up!

              laokid, I took 3 pics of your DA and this s#!tty @$$ camera just did not want to act right in certain parts of that damn parking structure on several settings. That was the best pic of your car I had then I trashed the others that did not come out. Your car is the 5th one on my first post, not #6.


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                Wish I could have made it down there. Damn. I wish even more I still had a DA...


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                  thanks for making my car look better than it really does (the red one with ls mesh wheels parked behind your in the final picks with vinny) theses pics seemed to flatter it. i appreciate the coverage and I.A. 2011 was the best out of the past three i have went to. i might try to capture one of your awards next year. see you at I.A. 2012!


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                    Wish I could have been there to see the DA's.

                    Laokid...good to see yours is still looking good.

                    Glad to see that there are still some DB2's still out there.


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                      i try to rep g2ic as best as i can. the burgandy db1 is my baby daniece and glad to see her on here! Thanks!


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                        wow thanks for the pics man.. i appreciate it!


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                          that DB with the Gales, was sick! i stared at that thing a few different times throughout the day..haha but i think i remember you now..i was the red RS with gold wheels too much fun this year!!!


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                            the white slammed da on the sportmaxx is my cuz and thanks for the pic


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                              i missed out on ATL IA this year.I will be at the summer meet this year taking pictures of every da i see and posting it on here.