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My new to me DB2 / sorta build thread.

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  • My new to me DB2 / sorta build thread.

    I have always loved the Aztec Green GSRs and now I have one. Still have my LS but this is my new project. The previous owner had it for the last 12 years and while he had it, installed one piece headlights, JDM B16 swap with a completely rebuilt LS transmission, Energy Suspension bushing kit, Skunk2 Pro-S coilovers, and a large sound system but he kept that since I talked him down. The car will not see any carbon fiber and no cambered out wheels. The car doesn't need much more to make me happy. Let me know what you guys think.

    My LS:

    The DB2 when I brought it home:

    Immediately changed the wheels from the black one:

    Changed the valve cover to a Mugen replica:

    Changed over my dual core aluminum radiator (best shot I have at the moment):

    And both of them at home:

    Immediate plans are to remove the tint from the taillights, change the window tint to 35%, and install a new sound system (nothing big; just an indash DVD player and maybe a 12" sub)

    Just ordered one of these headers:

    And one of these exhaust systems:

    Wheels are next. Probably going to go with something like these but in silver.

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    Nice exhaust choice I also have that same system on my db2 as well, just a little heads up make sure you buy the extension piece needed in order to use the exhaust.

    Nice nice db2


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      Nice find. Love it on the circuit 8's.


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        Anyone know the clearance on that header? is it low like the DC 4-2-1s and the 4-1 type Rs?


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          Nice db2 bro


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            Thanks guys. I will have my local shop extend the pipe to accommodate the gap. The fewer gaskets to deal with, the better.

            As for the header, if you are slammed or stanced, forget about buying this header. It will scrape like hell.

            I love the C8s too but there is something about mesh wheels on a G2 Integra that makes me all fuzzy.


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              I just bought & installed my plm header and the clearence is not that great but i dont have my car low so hopefully they last for a while


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                  Originally posted by DA_Teggman View Post
                  Thats not bad. Which PLM header is it? I just ordered my third header from them. They are good quality.


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                    Its the Rmf style one he posted.


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                      This just got ordered:


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                        These are getting ordered next week:

                        Attached Files


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                          Varrstoen? Should fit the body of the Integra pretty well.

                          Nice looking AGP


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                            Originally posted by unified112 View Post
                            Varrstoen? Should fit the body of the Integra pretty well.

                            Nice looking AGP
                            Thank you sir. Yeah so many people buy the XXRs and while they look good, the rivets on the Varrstoens make the wheels look much better.


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                              All exhaust parts should be here this week as well as my NRG bits. Ordering Hondata Friday and buying a set of 15x6.5 Mugen MR5s. I will post pics as they come in.