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Third build, First build thread and intro

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  • Third build, First build thread and intro

    Hey everyone. This is my third build and first build thread. I wasn't really planning on making a thread but my fellow G2IC member and Utahan unified112 encouraged me to make a thread this time. So here i am.

    A little background. I'm originally from Pasadena, CA, and I've been living in Utah for the past 11 years. Being from Pasadena i would constantly see FF-Squad roam around Pasadena, as well as the car that made me fall in love with the DA chassis, Greg Morgans "Gold Standard" DA. My older brother and his friends were always into cars, my dad has been a technician for the past 40+ years so i was around cars constantly. I picked up my first Integra back in 2007. It was a 1990 RS (blade silver), completely stock. I had it for about 6 years. During those 6 years i made a few mods which i'll list at the end and i purchased a '97 spec JDM B18C during the last year that i owned it (never was swapped). I was driving to a mission reunion (LDS mission, mormon, whatever you'd like to call it), and a little old lady took a stop sign and i t-boned her. The DA was totaled so i tried to save as much as i could. I tore my PCL and was out for about 8 months.

    I then purchased a 1991 CRX SI (tahitian green) after i was cleared from physical therapy but only had it for 3 months. I sold it to my older brother who loves EF's and i found myself a 1992 Integra GS-R (Aztec green pearl). I spent a lot of time on the DB2, sourced little parts that i always wanted and then right when i had it to where i wanted it, my dumb ass started parting it out and sold the shell... I know im an idiot lol. I had decided i was done messing with cars, and i bought a 2005 Acura RL as a Daily.

    During this whole time my older was rear ended with his CRX and was totaled as well. He bought a black DA from California. One day he was driving and the left ball joint snapped off and ended up on the curb. The car sat in my backyard for a little over a year. I always regretted selling my DB2, and my brother would try and sell me the black DA, but I wasn't really interested, until a week ago when i decided to buy it off him and start again.

    So here i am. This build won't be anything like my DB2 build, its just to cruise... at least for now. I want to try and keep it as time era as i can. Well enjoy, and sorry if i bored you with my little story.

    Feedback is always welcomed.

    Here are my 3 builds. Two past builds, and current.

    1990 Acura integra RS


    Blade silver

    Rear DOHC VTEC decal

    EG Hatchback Wiper Plug

    Antenna Plug

    JDM 1 piece headlights


    D2 Racing RS Coilovers

    Skunk2 front and rear camber kit

    Kosie K1 16x7 (set of 6) wrapped in Dunlop Direzza


    completely stock b18a1

    Mandrel bend 2 1/4 exhaust with magna flow


    Rear completely gutted out

    Miracle cross by Next Type II

    Stock seats

    Personal Steering wheel

    NRG quick release

    Momo hub

    1992 Acura Integra GS-R

    Exterior in 2014

    Aztec Green Pearl

    JDM 1 piece headlights

    Exterior in 2015

    Resprayed Aztec Green Pearl

    JDP CF OE1 lip paint matched

    JDM 1 piece headlights polished

    JDM DA6 window visors

    JDM DA6 sidemarkers

    JDM DA6 rear H emblem

    OEM sunroof visor

    EG Hatchback Wiper Plug

    Rear DOHC VTEC decal

    OEM Bumper Plugs

    Shaved antenna

    Suspension/wheels 2014

    stock struts on Tein lowering Springs

    Kosie K1 16x7 wrapped in Kumho East

    Suspension wheels 2015

    BC racing for DC2

    Skunk2 front and rear camber kit

    DC2 forks

    Full race traction bar

    Blitz BRW TYPE 02 15x6.5 35 or 38 4x100

    Motor in 2014


    Generic air filter

    ABS delete

    generic header

    Motor in 2015

    Full JDM B18C swap

    LSD hydro S80 transmission

    HKS Power flow air intake

    Fluidyne Aluminum radiator for DC2

    innovative motor mounts w/ cable to hydro kit

    Spoon Sports oil cap

    Spoon Sports carbon kevlar plug cover

    Spoon Sports radiator cap

    1320 performance header (RMF style)

    Tanabe Hyper Medallion

    Interior in 2014

    Complete GS-R interior minus cluster

    Personal Steering wheel

    NRG quick release

    nterior 2015

    OEM integra GS-R cluster

    Nardi Deep Corn Sport Rally Steering Wheel 350 mm

    NRG quick release

    Broadway mirror

    DC2 ITR shift boot (red stitching)

    Spoon Sports durcon Shift knob

    JDM Honda Dual-din Dual Din Stereo Cover

    OEM Personal box

    no smoking plug

    OEM floor mats

    OEM arm rest

    JDM ITR Recaro seats with custom dc2/da9 seat rails

    Apline stereo relocated in glove box

    Fully gutted rear (OEM rears seats thrown on and off)

    Miracle cross bar by next

    Antenna taken off

    Current build

    1992 Acura Integra GS


    JDM thin side moldings

    OEM wiper plug

    OEM antenna plug

    DA6 XSI H emblem (not installed)

    DA6 XSI H emblem (not installed)

    JDM Integra DOHC vtec glass decal (not installed)

    JDM 1 piece headlights

    JDM DA6 window visors (not installed)

    JDP CF OE1 lip (broken and cracked)

    JDP CF OE1 lip (ordered being picked up next weekend)

    Honda Verno Banner

    Osaka JDM Banner (not installed, might not go on at all)


    Front Kosie K1 wheels

    Rear Blitz BRW TYPE 02 15x6.5 35 or 38 4x100 (fronts were bent in accident but will be restored)

    Function & Form type 1 coilers

    Skunk2 front and rear camber kit



    B16 cable transmission

    HKS Power flow air intake (currently being shipped)

    RS*R header

    Unknown exhaust


    JDM DA6 cluster

    JDM DA6 clock (amber)

    Mugen Racing II Steering wheel

    NRG quick release and hub

    Stock front and rear seats

    Mugen shift knob/don
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    So my photobucket isn't allowing me to copy the copy and past the pictures and if i upload them they end looking like they have up there, so ill post the rest of my old DB2 and my current DA.
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      you have good taste. the pictures are a bit too small though.


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        Originally posted by SpecializedK View Post
        you have good taste. the pictures are a bit too small though.
        thanks man, I'm trying to figure out whats going on with the photobucket. Hopefully soon enough i have some better quality pictures and updates to the DA.


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          So Heres an update. I actually sold the car back to my brother, and i found myself another Aztec Green DB2. I'll post pictures of it soon!