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I'm back with a new daily DB1

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  • I'm back with a new daily DB1

    Managed to trade my way into a pretty decent DB1 the other day, it has a B20 swap with a B16 SiR lsd tranny, coilovers set to winter mode right now and few other odds and ends. Plans for the car include fixing a bit of body work, killing some small rust spots, and getting the suspension dialed in for street driving as well as some canyon fun with a better drivers seat and some serious brake upgrades 17193960_416703722007693_252945030_o.jpg17200847_416703708674361_1757007529_o.jpg17148767_416703692007696_486669099_o.jpg

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    Woah, nice DB1. Glad you have plans to breathe new life into it, and I will stay tuned to see what you end up doing. Is that a S2K antenna mod?

    FYI, when you upgrade the drivers seat I would be extremely interested in buying the old one from you if it is the "Palmy Blue" interior. I have an identical sedan to yours, with the blue "pinstripe" seat upholstery, and have been looking for replacement bolster/seat fabric forever!