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Big Kev's Another Db2 Build

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  • Big Kev's Another Db2 Build

    Whats Up my fellow G2icers, I recently acquired another Db2 Integra from a buddy of mine Robert, SN: GaMedic.
    Here's his build thread,

    I Basically Stripped My DB1 and swapped Parts to make this build.. Alot of people think I'm crazy for doing this but I really wanted another AGP DB2 again.
    And here's my build thread on the Db1 if you guys are interested.

    And you can also Follow my Video Vlogs on Youtube.

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    When I got it home.

    Stripping the front end off,

    Redoing the wire tuck.

    Finishing the driver side tuck.

    Engine Swap from the Db1 going in.

    The Shell didn't come with a engine harness. And a obd1 Da engine harness is not compatible with a db2, it can probably be altered to make it work. but I finally found on from a guy from IG on the west coast. Great guy got the harness sent quickly.

    Got the harness on and fired right up!

    Changed the intake. I feel a quicker response lol.


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      Now I Need To fix the Passenger Cowl leak and I have a Huge Leak from the sunroof.
      Right now I have the Front spindles off, Replacing the lower ball joints and tie rods.


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        Nice of you to save her! I did my cowl on my db2 just recently leak free now.


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          I can't see any of your photos - just an image from photobucket saying you need to update your account to enable 3rd party hosting.