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  • Best Day Ever..

    So a while ago, I was working for a client and noticed a teal Integra parked up the street. Thought I recognized it, I had seen it before 5 years ago when a friend lived on the same block. Seemed like it was parked in the same spot. I took a quick look while my client was inside and noticed it was a GS-R. So, I left a note saying "If you ever wanna sell this car, give me a CALL!"..I figured the owner likely would either never see the note because it didn't seem like they drove the car and I figured it would end up destroyed by the weather before he read it.

    Well, today I wake up to a text.. "1993 GSR, hello, I have a GSR and may be interested in selling. You had left a note on my car a while ago indicating if I was interested in selling to contact you. If you are interested you can contract me at this number. Thanks "

    so, I poop my pants and reply, I knew which car it was immediately (although I've given my # on more than a few cars saying the same thing) .. guy said it was still sitting there and he left the hood popped so I could look at the engine. I was thinking crap, maybe I can offer like $500 or something - I mean I honestly can't afford 500 right now but passing up a 92/93 GSR would be silly.

    THEN HE OFFERS TO SELL IT FOR EVEN LESS THAN I WAS GOING TO OFFER. I won't say how much, it was too low.

    I get ready, anxiously wait for my girlfriend to shower, skip my own shower and drive down to the car and look at it, honestly didn't remember how bad or good of shape it was in.

    Other than some rust patches on the driver door, it is pretty damn clean. Interior is super clean. Engine is dusty but clean and stock untouched. So I'm like, in my mind, sure, I'll take it. I already have two B17A1 engines with one turbocharged powering my daily EG Civic Hatch (which is being built for stage rally). Been thinking of joining g2ic because of that

    I go and call him, he is still in the area (he said he was going out of town later today for 10 days so..) and we meet. I look at it inside, interior definitely clean and he tells me the history.

    He bought it in October of 1993, it had been driven for about 10 months as a lease. Whoever had it definitely drove it a LOT as he said there was 25,000km on it when he got it and 25 megameters in under a year is a LOT, like road trips the whole time a lot. That's like across Canada 5 times. I drive a ton and don't even do 25 megameters per year. So he's the second owner. It was maintained it's entire life at Acura.

    He tried to boost it last night, said it wouldn't start. Said it wouldn't even turn over or turn on. So I check the main fuse and ask if he out the terminals on backwards, he said it was a possibility. Threw a jumper wire in the fuse box, turned it over a bit, sounded OK. She wouldn't fire, but, 95% of gas here is E10, so I imagine it's gummed, it's been sitting for a while but he also said it was the first time it wouldn't start, ever.

    Also, as I was checking out the car, he said maybe we could trade for services from my business. I didn't have the cash on me today anyway. I offered him an additional $100 above his asking price in the form of a gift card and he accepted. So, one day he'll call me up and get a (nearly) free remote starter installed or something, his choice, he said he wasn't in a hurry to redeem it either.

    So, the bill of sale was signed. We pushed it into his driveway for now because it can't sit on the street without a plate and he obviously isn't gonna give me the plate and since he is going out of town I figured his driveway would be free for a few days for me to get it running or tow it out and he was kind enough to agree.

    anyway, pics or it didn't happen rite?
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    10 May 2018
    11 May 2018

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    Lol so each image upload counts as a post here? It says 6 posts and I only posted ^


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      Ouch, that rust is terrible. But for the price you paid it's worth it just for the interior, drivetrain and a couple other little accessories.
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        The rust isn't that had. It's fixible / replaceable. My civic has like no rear quarters or rockers lol

        So I went today to try and get 'er running. Thought I would drain the fuel and refill.

        I vented the gas tank. Tried to turn it over once just for shits n giggles and she fired in under 1/4 sec.

        Let 'er waem up, took 'er around the block and did a lil burn out..she runs good. Alignment is good. Suspension feels good. Steering feels good. Everything works - power locks, power windows, power sunroof, air conditioning, all lights worked that I checked (didn't have someone to press the brakes) including interior lights. Radio turned on but I didn't know how to properly enter the code (stock). He's gonna look for the security remote for me too.

        From what I can tell the *only* issue with the car is the rust. Just, wow. I'm so luckyyy.


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          Wow - congrats! I've had the "leave a note" technique work a few times as well. Keep us posted on how your restoration progress goes with this one.


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            other than the rust, awesome score! good luck


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              Yay for a save from the junkyard!
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