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Thinking about selling my DA, what do you guys think it's worth?

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  • Thinking about selling my DA, what do you guys think it's worth?

    I'm thinking of selling my 1992, Horizon Gray, LS. I'm posting this in General Discussion since it's not actually an ad, hopefully that's not violating the rules. The reason I'm thinking of selling is because I only have 3 parking spots, and I'm looking to get a Porsche 964 as a new project car.

    I've probably put close to $20k into the car, and I wouldn't expect to get anything close to that if I were to sell it. But I'm curious what you guys think would be a good asking price? How much would you expect someone to pay for it?

    Pictures are here

    I tried to include a lot more details, but when I submit the post, most gets cut off.
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      Beautiful car! We'd definitely need a LOT more detail to try and help you price the car. From the looks of the pics the only real flaw I am seeing is that the rear seats are faded, other than that it looks really clean. But, as mentioned, we'd need to know the details of mileage, title, suspension, engine...etc.

      Overall, the only cars I see fetch big money are GS-R's or 100% stock cars. If this car was original paint, stock and low miles it could be $7-10k. But modified non-GSR cars I generally haven't seen valued at more than $4-5k. But, if you put the right ad together and are patient, who knows. Truth is, there are very, very few truly clean DA's that come up for sale so it's very hard to get a gauge on what the market will pay.

      Whereabouts is the car? If you're local I'd love to see this thing in person, it could be fun to meet up at a local Cars and Coffee or something.
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        Thanks Colin for taking the time to provide some insight. I wrote up notes on it in apple notes, I tried to paste it into my post, but didn't work. I don't see any funny characters, so not sure why. I'll try again now, else I'll have to type it out again

        1992 Integra LS 2-door, Clean Title

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          Eeeks, still won't paste.

          Here goes:

          I'm the 3rd owner. First owner was a girl that had a 3-year lease from the dealer. Second owner was a non-car guy that owned it from 1995-2009. I bought it from him in 2009 in completely stock condition. The interior was in great condition, which is what sold me on the car. The cloth seats showed practically no sign of wear (except the fading on the top, which you pointed out).

          I immediately had it re-painted the stock Horizon Gray, replaced all seals and all suspension bushings (including rear trailing arm bushings). It's been a "weekend car" at best. Initially I drove it ~1000 miles per year, but since about 2011, it's been more like 200-300 miles per year. Consistently garage parked away from the elements. I believe I've replaced just about every part that wears out, including relays.

          I bought brand new, in-box, 1-piece headlights, shipped directly from Japan (score). The bumper lights and 3rd brake light and side turn signals were also bought brand new from the dealer.

          Other miscellaneous parts bought brand new from the dealer:

          Windshield cowl
          Dash trim pieces
          Driver's seat belt
          Door/Window seals
          Rear bumper
          Radiator overflow can
          Windshield and moldings
          Thin JDM side moldings
          Rear license plate lights & covers
          JDM Type-R valve cover & oil cap

          In March 2011 I bought a JDM Integra GSR motor from HMO. The GSR transmission internals were swapped into the LS case to retain the cable clutch. I had a Syncrotech LSD installed at the same time. The car was BAR'd (BAR sticker in door jam).

          I had the air conditioning professionally converted from R2 to R134a, this included buying various new parts from the dealer (~$800 job).


          Koni Cello/Ground control coilovers
          Sprinthart CPF Dunlop wheels with BFgoodrich g-Force Rival S (205/15)
          Project Kics R40 extended lug nuts
          ARP extended studs - all 4 wheels
          Brembo drilled/slotted rotors
          Skunk2 cams
          Skunk2 cam gears
          Skunk2 intake manifold
          DC header
          Hondata S200 on JDM ECU
          GSR gauge cluster
          Tanabe Medalion cat-back exhaust
          Injen 3" intake & Vibrant air filter
          Odyssey PC680 battery
          Vision strut bar
          Mugen pedals
          Mugen steering wheel (I'm keeping the Keys)
          Mugen shift knob
          Mishimoto radiator

          Car passes CA smog tests with the stock GSR ECU (included). With a JDM Type-R header, it made 190HP & 146TQ on a Dynapack dyne. Surely making a bit less on the DC header.

          I still have the stock air box/pipe as well.

          I'm sure I'm missing some details, but that's the gist of it. Car is in Pasadena CA (SoCal).
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            Hmm, that's odd you had some issues posting - always seems to work for me. I've never posted from a mobile device though and maybe that's what you're using? Oh well, it's posted now, so that's great. Really nice list of mods too, this definitely seems like a quality car.

            As I mentioned before, not many cars like this come up for sale so it might be tough figuring out what the market will pay. I have some more comments but after hearing all of these details I'm actually kind of interested in the car for myself if you do post it for sale. I've been casually looking for another GS-R but haven't found any clean ones in the year or two I've been looking. If you do post it for sale here on the boards I'm sure I'll see the thread but otherwise please feel free to shoot me an email, I'd be interested in hearing more about the car and checking it out in person. [email protected]
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              very well put together car indeed! like Colin says, the market is all over the place, I've seen fully done up DA's with type R swaps go for 3-4k, then I've seen 4 doors that are stock and clean on just wheels/lowered go for 7k. As you mentioned you'll never get back what you put into a Honda, especially a 26 year old one. Car is beautiful, like my compadre Colin said, if you put up a good ad, wait it out , I'm sure you'll get a good sell for this. good luck sir.
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                You got thin side moldings from the dealer? Did I read that right? Where and how much are they?


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                  Originally posted by 91akira View Post
                  You got thin side moldings from the dealer? Did I read that right? Where and how much are they?
                  Correct. At least back in 2009, they were still available new from dealers. I forget how much they were though.