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Timing belt walk torwards block

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  • Timing belt walk torwards block

    I just finished swapping a b20z2 into my 90 Integra, assembled the engine myself and running an obd0 pr4 ecu. I am having a problem with the timing belt walking to close to the block and rubbing badly when i go to prime it with the starter. I have heard this engine run for about 5 seconds and shut off to prevent damage to the belt. It is a non auto tensioner, tried swapping out with a 2 different brand new tensioners, the timing is perfect and so is the tension on the belt. I torqued the bolt down to 40lbs. I did however use the pivot bolt that the tensioner slides onto from the b18a1 engine that i pulled out as the bolt was missing off the b20. this is the only lead i can think of. i am open to any suggestions i have another motor i can cannabalize if needed. Plz help.

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    Do you have both of the timing belt guide washers on the crank gear?
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