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**The official DB1 thread! pictures, advice, tips, etc..! (4dr's part 4!)**

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  • Damn, I'm so envious of you non steep driveway People.

    I be scraping almost everywhere I go. LOL.


    • Steep?...

      Like this.

      That's the driveway at my old house (the blue one)... Hey it's a DB1! So its not completely off topic.

      The ground has permanant scar's from all the lowered car's or low stock car's going up and down it...


      • That's not steep:


        • glad to see this thread is still alive and kicking.


          • How's it going mdt? Keep an eye out for the desktop calendar threads. I'd like to get a db1 in there for us peeps......


            • Ahh yes.. I totally forgot about those...

              Right now my car is in winter mode, so taking a pic of it right now is absolute useless.. no lip, raised, winter wheels.. can't wait till summer gets around again.. then i'll have some nice pics of it then...


              • Those driveways are a dream compared to most over here.

                I'll take some pics sometime to show ya'll what I'm talking about.


                • Wow, yours must be bad. The shitty white DB in my picture's is doing 3 wheel motion.


                  • You guys talking about the angle of the curb? My bad I thought you meant the overall slope of the whole driveway.
                    mdt, you can submit something from your archives if you want. I recall you having some good shots. (DarkDB1 - you have some too)


                    • What? submit what?...

                      I think it's both, Because i can complain about both.

                      Getting into my garage at the new house go's from slope to flat... Sometimes i hear my cat scrape... But not often... But at the old house it was the angle of the curb that was killing everyone's cars...

                      Everyone from spoonsports2, Tegboi, Devious, Me, My mom's STOCK 2004 Camry, my uncles stock Chrysler 300M (Litterally partially tore off the bumper) has had issues with my cub...


                      • here we go.. an oldie but goodie (for the calendar thing)


                        • ^nice, but I know you have some more shots than that. I specifically remember you had one underneath a bridge or something with an interesting background. Anyways, hang tight for the submission thread and submit them then. All hell will break loose if I don't at least use a picture from there - if you know what I mean.

                          I might have found a decent deal on some side skirts, but I'm not 100% sure if I want them. I mean, I like them but not sure of the vent holes :

                          Do you think I should get them?


                          • ^^Those are the ones that I got.

                            Get the ones for a 94-95 Accord.
                            Well, mine came with end caps on the front, so when I cut off 2 inches, I just put the cap on, and it looks clean.
                            I got a set for a 92-95 Civic HB also, but they came up a 1/4 inch short.
                            My nephew had some different sideskirts on his EG and they fit on mine perfectly, but I guess these ones didn't do so well.

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                            • Thanks stokeless, looks good. Do you have any other pictures of them installled? The guy does have some 94-97 Accord M3 skirts for even cheaper, but I don't like the way they look at all. I prefer these ones, but the ones that he has are for the 96-00 Civic (EK) but I'm pretty sure they'll fit. Killahteg at one time had a set of OEM EK skirts on his.


                              • OK, here it goes.

                                I got the install pics too, but they're on my other pc, so I had to go take some for you.

                                Top rear.

                                Rear side.

                                Front Top.

                                Front side.

                                And full side.

                                Hope this helps.

                                And here's a shot of of my driveway.