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Post your age and how many DA's you've owned!!?

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  • Wow....RESURRECTION! I breath again!!!

    Man how life has changed.


    • 29

      1.Jasper Green DA Rust Sold/ Primer ed Car Newby
      2.Honey Beige DA Rear Ended/Sold First time messing with obd0 and Interior Swap/ Face Lift
      3. 92 Horizon Grey Da Rust/Used For College
      4.91 Black Auto Db1 Beater /Gave Away
      5.92 Black DA b20 Swap/Electrical Issues/Part Out
      6. 92 Black Da Cleanest One I Had/ Totaled Front End Collision/ Part Out
      7.Aztec Green Db2 Sold/Wanted a 4 door fo mo Whores
      8.92 Black Auto Db1 Cleanest 4 door/Sold
      9.92 Black Auto to 5 Spd Db1 Part Out/ Crushed Used Parts For Db2 Shell
      10. Aztec Green Db2 Current Daily/ Project K Swap
      SMH all these second gens...But learnt alot


      • 32 years youngish. Just got da no.4. On integra no.6. These are the only cars ive owned. Cant get away!


        • I'm sure I'm the old guy of the bunch.... 52 years on the planet. Loved the second gen body style, since I first saw them in '90. Finally stumbled onto a DB1, about four years ago.