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  • imcnblu's build thread (2012 UPDATES page 26)

    Mother nature strikes again...

    When I was staying in Kansas (was there up until about 6AM yesterday) a MASSIVE straight line windstorm came through with 100mph gusts and blew a tree over on the DA.

    shattered the back windows (one was already broken thanks to my brother in law) and bent the driver's side c-pillar. NOW, i have to cut out that portion of the c-pillar, weld in a new piece, and redo the body (AGAIN!!!!!)

    oh well. from this point, i'm going to just take it off the road, and do a full "ground-up restoration" on it.

    plans for the rebuild include:

    *Repairing the body damage from the storm (c-pillar, hatch area etc. nothing TOO bad, except the c-pillar which is bent pretty good)
    *New carbon fiber hood (old one has a crack)
    *Carbon Fiber hatch
    *FAL rear quarter windows
    *FAL rear window
    *Enkei RPF1 wheels (15x7) **TRACK DUTIES**
    *Enkei 92's with Captiva Blue Pearl wheel face and polished lip) **MEET/SHOW DUTIES**
    *Set of polished GSR blades for casual rims when I'm just cruising around.
    *Fresh Paint, INSIDE AND OUT, engine bay as well (again, this paint job isn't even 4 months old, and its already been destroyed from the storm)
    *JDP OE2 lip
    ***WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE JDP LIP, the carbon parts are likely to be color matched to the rest of the car***
    *JDM Window Visors
    *Mugen side skirts (will be searching for AUTHENTIC ONLY, no replicas here)
    *Replacing the massive tip that comes standard on the GReddy SP2 with a more subtle dual-tip (stock style)
    *Finishing the B20VTEC (LOOOOOOONG writeup to come giving specs of motor/fuel system/tuning specs. Long story short. Sleeved block *85.5mm bore* and 92mm stroke. aiming for 250whp NA)
    *Wire tucking the bay (nothing TOOOO extensive, but definitely a good cleanup of wires etc.)
    *Finishing up the suspension (pretty elaborate setup as is, but I'm gonna be touching the few areas I didn't address before. camber kits etc. steering component replacements )
    *Anything that is stock/oem that I'm not getting rid of will be replaced with BRAND NEW OEM Honda parts. There will be no exceptions to this. (Nuts/Bolts/Washers as well. No BS, this will be a massive restoration)
    *Spraying a coat of Rhino Lining (used in truck beds, etc.) on the undercarriage to prevent rust. There isn't any at all, and this will be a measure to make sure it never happens.
    *Possibly doing the interior under the carpeting as well, with Rhino Lining, but may not. I don't want to add TOO much weight.

    *COMPLETELY redoing the interior, to include...
    *New carpet
    *New interior panel upholstery (door panels, rear panels by the rear seat etc.
    *Black Recaro seats
    *Mugen steering wheel
    *New dash (current dash has holes in it from a ricer tach i had years ago)
    *DB2 gauge cluster (for the rev happy vtak motor)
    *Fixing passenger power window, and replacing wiring and motor for BOTH sides.
    *Replacing all the wiring for the speakers (finicky wiring causes two speakers to cut out on occasion)
    *New CD player (nothing really wrong with the one I have, I just want a change)
    *New speakers at all 4 corners.
    *ALL wiring harnesses replaced (unless inspection reveals them to still be in optimal condition.

    as well as other things. This is going to be a MASSIVE restoration/build. It will take time, as family will come first. So this might take the better part of a few years. But consider this an idea of the finished product to come. For those that have seen this DA before, and have seen how it looked then, just imagine the finished product.

    Giving myself a 3-5 year turn-around time as this is going to be EXPENSIVE and time consuming. The motor work alone is gonna be north of $5000.

    After the car is done, I'll have my fun with it (track days, meets/shows etc.). I will then garage it after about a year of "play" and just store it away. It will go to my daughter when she is old enough, and responsible enough for it. IF she wants it. If not, I will just keep it as a memento to show that mother nature can't stop me, and that if you want to do something with enough passion, NOTHING is unattainable.

    It will NEVER be a daily driver again. It will now be a "purpose only" car.
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      yeah and whereabouts were you b/c i didnt hear about any winds that speed?


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        i was in Parsons. Labette County. The Parsons Sun (local paper) said they had reported gusts of 102mph.

        A local McDonald's had its massive "golden arches" destroyed because of it. Part of it was in my brother in law's yard.

        Dawn, I'll have pics up in a bit. Only ones I have at the moment are on my phone. I'll have to send them to my email and upload them to photobucket. It'll be a little bit. Might not be til tomorrow, though.


        pics up
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          dam that sucks man, sorry to hear your car got smashed but down to see the build


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            car has alot of luck lately.haha

            but yea, that sucks man.


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              blue tegs dont have much luck. Good luck on your restoration!


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                wow! dont show your insurance people that...they'll total it in a heartbeat.

                GO FOR IT JAKE!!! DO THE DAMN THING!!! lmk know if you need any help or advice...


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                    they totaled it back when i wrecked it in september. it is technically a salvage title car. they wouldn't cover it if i wanted them to

                    this is twice now that Mother Nature has gotten the better of my DA. first a rainstorm caused me to spin into a fencepost. Now a severe thunderstorm with 100mph winds decided to put half a damn tree on the back end.

                    Mother Nature is a mean little huzzy. But, she's gonna have to try a little harder to stop me.

                    oh yeah, i forgot to mention, on the body side of the restoration, to go along with the JDM thin side moldings i installed before i painted it, I'm gonna pick up a set of JDM side markers to help finish the look

                    Thanks for the support everyone. I have a feeling that this was a sign that I need to just do full tear down/rebuild to get it to the level its meant to be at.

                    I predict magazine covers/features down the road lol. With the storied history I've had with this car, who wouldn't want to publish it

                    jk. if it does, it does. if not, oh well. I'm just doing this to finish my project, and give it to my daughter someday.
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                      I think its time to throw in the towel brother, I kid, I kid.

                      Good luck with the future build up.


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                        BLASPHEMY, GLYNN!!!!

                        Sometime this week, I'm going to start tearing it apart and selling the things I intend to replace. There is a bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing wrong with it, I'm just gonna be replacing it with BRAND NEW parts, for the sake of having everything new and being a damn near brand new car

                        Mother Nature needs to throw more than a tree at the teg to stop me.
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                          wow bro thats some crazy shit at least its not that bad interested to see the end result


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                              Damn, bad luck. I'm doing a project of a similar caliber, replacing damn near EVERYTHING with new OEM or aftermarket. New rta's, lca's, all new hardware, etc.

                              I went into it expecting to spend alot of money, but once you start pricing OEM parts and making lists you realize exactly how much. Ill be getting my first batch of parts by the end of the month.

                              Good luck.