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The ever elusive Hybrid DA suspension Article

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  • I have read every post in this thread and I'm pretty sure my question has not been answered.

    Are the USDM DA rear lca's the same as USDM DC rear lca's? I have heard that they are the same length but where the strut bolts on, the DA lca is bolted on more inboard (towards the middle of vehicle). If this is true, what effect does it have vs being bolted on more outboard?


    • Sumillshit, the DC/EK and DA LCA's are all exactly the same from my experience. I'm running DC Koni Yellow H&R sport kit with BWR Ver. 2 LCA's and everything bolts in perfectly with no modifications (save for the front forks, as everyone already knows).

      Front forks read VL/VR and are narrower than the DA forks in width but still clear the drive axles without rubbing at all.

      The only problem is that you will have to zap strap the brake lines since there is no welded bracket to bolt them on to. Other than that it's one of the more simple retrofits anyone can do.


      • Originally posted by mroneto View Post
        Sumillshit, the DC/EK and DA LCA's are all exactly the same from my experience.

        The EKs are longer than the DC/EG.

        Anyway we can get the original pics back? I'm looking into converting to DC coilovers purely for the much better selection.


        • somebody on facebook was telling me that crx forks are 2" inches shorter than da ones is this true?


          • So I've heard the stories of people putting on their eg/DC shocks and using da Springs (for the correct rates) and having the rear sit quite a bit lower than the front. I've also heard of a few different methods to correct the height difference, I was just wondering how bad the difference is and if anybody may have pictures of their da on eg/dc shocks with just drop Springs, no coil overs.


            • Bumping this thread. I looked through but didnt see how the front shocks are exaclty different between DA and DC in terms of shock length and rod length?

              The reason I'm asking is that Im planning on buying DC Koni yellows/GC coilovers with top hats. I know rears are shorter, which I can benefit from being lowered. .
              Only the fronts concern me. . . I hope they are shorter as well??