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How to fix the ICU for less than $5

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  • Originally posted by Prof007 View Post
    I finally decided to let the pros handle this and sent this off for repair to

    I received my repaired ICU back in 1 week and it works great!
    Thank you for confirming this company is still in business and legit...

    I am thankful I found this post, and was hesitant because now my car is no longer 16, but 26...

    Glad to hear these issues are ICU and not ECU too!


    • Just tried this fix, but the traces on the printed circuit board were corroded badly with that stuff that leaked out of the capacitor, many pins and traces were corroded away. I tried unsoldering the 7 pin connected close by to the capacitor so I can clean the traces and resolder them but one pin snapped off. I can't find this part online since it just says "8914" on the side and sending this to get repaired to Brian at nsxe-repair seems like it won't work since he probably needs all the components on the board. Is anyone selling the entire Integrated Control Unit around the Rhode Island/ New England area?

      Update: I called every junkyard in 50 mile radius and none of them had 90-93 integra so I found a guy on craigstlist with a couple integras in edge of Rhode Island and I bought the pcb board and enclosure off of him for 20 bucks. Finally got it working, make sure when you check which one works to connect the circuit fully. Connect the red clip pins to the back of the ICU and then connect the ICU to the back of fuse box. If you dont connect it to the back of fuse box when testing, windshield wipers will work a little bit, but not every speed, but defroster won't work. I made this silly mistake, so make sure you don't. I ended up replacing the faulty capacitor on the new board and now everything should work for a long time

      Thank you for this forum post - very happy acura 2nd generation owner
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