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foglight rewiring using accessory spade near kick panel fuses

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    O YA i juss did this on both my da's and its miles better than sharing from the defroster..
    Thanks alot.


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      so i would connect one end to the fog switch and the other end to the fuse box right?


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        Originally posted by Mexicanpollo View Post
        It was fairly simple all you have to do its cut the wire
        that is red and has a streak of yellow in it about 2 in. from the switch
        then put electrical tape on the un-used which is the end not attached to the switch. Then you use butt connectors to connect the red/yellow wire to your wire that goes to the fuse box. Also you should used an ATC mini Fuse holder and get 3A Fuses to power the lights better. No grounding is needed. just connect and your done.
        (with help From FCM)

        This is my set up for rewiring the fogs . I used the remote wire for an amp since i didnt want to go buy new wire at the store for 7 bucks a roll.
        so i would have to connect one end to the fog switch and the other end to the fuse box right?


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          Originally posted by imcnblu View Post

          *A provides a constant 12v
          *B provides 12v with parking/indicator lights
          *C provides a constant 12v, has its own circuit and uses fuse 13
          *D provides 12v when switch is on “accessory” and on
          *E provides 12v when ignition is “on”

          did some research online, found a diagram of the box and dug up what each pin does. There you go.
          this is a blast from the past bump and i betting that i wont get much assistance but it's worth a shot. the 2 of the 3 of these C, D, E spades for some reason have gone dead basically. i connect my foglight to all but one and they dont work. anyone had this issue?


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            Originally posted by bonspeed View Post
            i'm planning on rewiring my fogs but i want it wired like when i turn on the park light the fogs should turn on with the fog switch on, and turn off when i turn the park light off even the fog switch is on "but" won't turn on until the park light is on...
            I was able to do that with my Rigid Industries auxiliary lights. Added a extra relay and took the signal of the park light towards the trigger switch of the relay. Instantly the expected outcome was achieved.