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    Sorry to be off topic (kinda), where is everyone getting their GC coilovers with custom spring rates?


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      Ground Control
      Scott - 1991 Integra GS


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        Yeah, if you call GC up you can order custom-rate springs (and custom length, for that matter).

        ....say chsscott, would you recommend a little less tire pressure in the rear for a mere ST swaybar vs. the Progress one that you're using? I've just got my new rear bar in and I'm hoping to get to the test-and-tune tomorrow in Waterloo, IA with a little more knowledge than guesswork.


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          You can get the car to rotate by either raising or lowering pressures significantly.

          One end of the spectrum makes the tires lose grip very progressively

          The other end makes the tires grip well up until the limits, then lose grip very fast.

          If I recall correctly, low pressures make them very progressive.

          But, I wouldn't mess with pressures if you can avoid it. What are your camber settings?
          Scott - 1991 Integra GS


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            My front camber is about -2.5 degrees each side in the front and about -0.4 degrees each side in the rear. I don't have a provision for front camber adjustment (my kit kept sliding out of adjustment, so I schwanked it). The car already had fairly good oversteer once the brakes were applied lightly mid-corner, but I'm hoping for a little smoother feel (it used to be like an on/off switch). I've got about 13 hours and counting until registration...should be fun to get the old beast out again.


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              FYI, Hankook is releasing a 225/45-15 RS-2 in probably late May or early June.
              I was tempted to wait, but my 205/50-15 Azenis have arrived.