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    i just got my car lowered 2.5" and installed tokico blues also. however, when i drive the car, it is extremely rough. it seems to bounce a little. on something like a pothole, it will slam so hard that it shakes my cd faceplate off. i know that it should be a little rougher because of the shorter springs but there is something odd. i got skunk2 lowering springs from and when they came, they said they were for a 88-91 civic. also, when they were being installed, the mechanic said that the springs didn't fit inside the cup on the strut. he said he could leave out the rubber cup and they would fit. is it possible that that is my problem? if so, could i just go to honda and get the rubber spring cups from a 88-91 civic? one last thing, are the tokico blues too weak for a drop like 2.5"? any help would be appreciated, especially since i am getting the crap kicked out me on the ride to work 'cuz of all the damn lumps in the road.

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    i beleive the blues are only suppossed to be good up to 1.5, an the spring rates are probably mateched to the lighter civic not a teg


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      Sorry bro, nopi did u wrong!!!! but u got screwed on ur suspension, 1st thing, ur rolling without the rubber cups which helps seat the spring in place properly, so if u dont have it, put it back on and if u have to buy it, buy the one for our tegs not the civic, 2nd thing, ur rolling on civic springs which have a softer spring rate than our tegs, keeping in mind the fact that our tegs are heavier than the civic also, 3rd thing, ur car is dropped too low for Tockico Blues to when all these elements are put together, u have a slammed teg that is bouncing because of the soft springs in a heavier car with shocks that cant handle the load...

      If I were u, try and sell those springs ASAP!



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        tokico shocks

        definately those shocks cant take that drop