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    I broke the needles off the fuel and temp guages installing Indiglo's, can I fix these needles??

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    if you pulled hard enough to remove the needles then the gauge is most likely broken. I tugged on my gas needle when i put on my gauges (that was before i wised up and realized how you are supposed to install the gauges), the needle didn't come off but the gauge stopped working. So, most likely your gauges are broken. but luckily they are easily and pretty cheaply replaced.
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      Oh ok, is there an easy way to put the guages on, because, the fuel and temp seemed really tight when I was sliding them on, and they were grabbing on the back of the needles, am I missing something when putting them on?


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        Installing indiglos does not require removing any needles. You just have to be really careful when you're sliding the new guages over the old ones...


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          Where is a good place to buy the gauges cheaply? I think my brothers gauges are broke, the speed stops at 65. Does that make any sense? I mean wouldn't a guage either work or not work?