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Hesitaition / Bogging / Misfiring.....

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    The fuel filter is very easy to change.


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      You mentioned you read about the O2 sensor...did you actually replace it or check it? Just in case you didn't, an easy way to check is to unplug the sensor then drive the car until it's fully warmed up. If the car runs correctly, then it's a bad sensor.

      Hopefully it's the fuel filter...those are cheap and easy like Topeka hookers!


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        did you gap the plugs correctly. I would say CHECK that because my old acura when i bought it ran like CRAP and i pulled the plugs out and found an almost .90 or so gap!!! put in mew plugs at the correct gap and it ran like a champ.

        that would be the first thing i would double check.



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          Originally posted by curls
          Have you checked this out this time? The new sels you put in, for one reason or another, may have gone bad and are letting oil past again.

          he's not the one that started this thread..

          i'm having this very problem from time to time as well.. i was thinking fuel filter, not the pump cuz i heard when that goes, the car won't start at all.

          mine ONLY does this when hot, like, after i kill it for a few minutes or so.. then start back up, like at the gas station or something, it bogs the first couple times i take off from a stop...


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            ever figure out the problem? please post to let us know here:



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              check your timing. my distributor was retarded too much. advanced it a little and it's gone.