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  • help helP!!!

    hi guys. my friend offered my his skunk2 coil over for free. the problem is that it came from a 98 civic hatch. i was wondering if it would fit for my car????

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    not properly..the rubber sets for the springs won't fit right in the formed space they are made for..therefore you'll have to cut em or leave em out. plus the spring tention rate is to soft for the tegs just do your car right and buy some tokico 5 way adjustables,and run a good coil-over spring thats what i run and i have had no probs or complaints, and they handle like a train on rails once you get them set right and have the cars weight evenly distributed on all 4. stick with parts made for the teg or you will end up paying more for the suspention probs those springs caused then for a nice set made for your car..