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Cold Air vs. Short Ram

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    Maybe it was this link, which I ran into earlier when I did a google search on aem integra intake filters

    It's a good read with some dyno tests, which aren't at all definitive but interesting none the less (two different cars were compared, the cold air was not simulated on the dyno, etc., but there is one dyno test between equal diameter intakes on the same car).

    Originally posted by 2simplex
    i was reading on another board that the only real difference you feel with AEM CAI is the power spike. thats all. the AEM does provide other power but thats the most you'll see. and short rams are good for very high revving engines. i heard of many type r ownders ditching their AEM CAI for a nicely made short ram intake. if i find that discussion ill link you guys. it was very in depth. something im not too good at


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      i found that the underhood temps in the stock location are the same when you are moving, otherwise when at a stop it can rise 30-40F, then lowers back to ambient once you're moving again. so focus should still remain on intake diameter and length.
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