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need new rotors...Q about Brembo's

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  • need new rotors...Q about Brembo's

    hey guys, i need new rotors, and was considering just doing OE Brembo pads are fine, but with Brembo blanks, should i do the pads at the same time? or will it make a big diff. if i dont? if i SHOULD do new pads, which do you guys recommend on Brembo blanks...also list the pro's/con's of the pads you might recommend....thanks guys

    also, i was considering powdercoating my calipers when i do my rotors, if i have the money, any of you out there ever do this? if so, good experience or no?

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    You should get new pads when you change the rotors so things wear evenly. Just paint the calipers whilt there unbolted, it's a lot easier then taking them off and having them powercoated


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      ok but my pads on there now are fine, they dont need to replaced? why replace them? i dont know about the calipers, i want to get them powdercoated, but might not be able to afford that, so i may have to paint them, i think i am going to do like a bronzeish type color, like ones u see out there on the aftermarket...just to cover up the ugliness they get....'

      anyone else?!?!


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          Unless you are comfortable with rebuilding calipers, getting them powdercoated probably isn't an option for you. You would have to completely disassemble them (spring, piston, seals, guide pins...etc) and then find a place to powder coat them.

          You cannot leave these items on either, because to powdercoat them they cure them in an oven which would harden all of the rubber (if it didn't end up burning it up in the oven). Just paint them. The powdercoating will get messed up from spilled brake fluid in the future anyways. Not worth the trouble.


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            I agree, save the money from having them powdercoating and use that towards some nice performance brake pads. The paint will last a while if you do that too. I sprayed my calipers a flat black about 10 months ago and it still looks good. Just sand them down a bit and clean them up and you're good to go.