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Thread: wrong spark plug order?

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    wrong spark plug order?

    i was just wondering what could happen if u put ur spark plugs in the wrong order and try to start it up, thnks

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    are you talking about the wires or the sparks themselves?

    go check teg tips on engine timing for wire order...

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    I MEANING THE actuall wires, the order is 1-3-4-2
    but instead u put it like say 2-4-3-1
    can ne damage occur from this

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    engine wont start, and you probably will back fire during cranking.

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    has ne one done this before

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    all the time

    you'll be fine - just put them back on in the correct order.
    I'm alive . . .

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    nothing bad will happen, your crank and valves are still moving in sync. Your plugs will just be sparking at the wrong time so it won't run right, or it just won't run.

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    ditto that...your cylinders will most likely all misfire and you may get a CEL...accidentally did it myself...

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