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Thread: How do I replace the rear motor mount?

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    How do I replace the rear motor mount?

    Hey all. I have searched for motor mounts and i see that everyone says that the rear mount is a pain but then no one said how they replaced it. I can see that the rubber is gone and i get really bad vibrations so I need to replace mine but looking at it, it seems impossible to get to the inside bolt. Cant get it from the top of the engine or the bottom. It also looks as though the whole steering assembly is in the way. I wouldnt want to remove that if at all possible. If someone has a quick how to get that thing replaced I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

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    i'd take it to a dealer/mechanic to do.........don't know of anyone who has done it themselves without having something else major done, like engine replacement

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    remove the intake manifold support bracket. That will make your life so much easier.

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    that rear motor mount is a bitch, unless you're doing something else major like dawn said.

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    just some info my local mechanic told me

    to replace 1 mount.. any of them.. is 1.2hours.. to replace all 4.. is 2hours.. im waiting untill i get all 4 mounts to get them installed

    im pretty sure those times are alldata

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    Like everyone said, the rear mount is a bitch to replace... can't you find something major to do at the same time? :p
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    OK so its a bitch. I got that much...Anyone have any ideas?

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    You'll need to unbolt it by running several extensions down along the firewall, going between the motor mount and the firewall to get the bolt there. (you'll probably find out you won't actually be able to snap the extension into the socket) Also, take the front mount and passenger side mount off, and put a jack to support it under the transmission. Then, there's also a bracket that holds the rear motor mount to the engine. You'll need to unbolt it from the engine, and then you'll find that you need to jack the engine up a few inches to actually get the motor mount out.

    You will probably need someone to help you do this, unless you want it to take twice as long.

    good luck

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