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Thread: My car starts and turns off right away?? need HELP ASAP!

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    My car starts and turns off right away?? need HELP ASAP!

    theres something wrong with my 91 integ it starts and turns off right away. wut could be the problem? fuel pump? where is that lcoated? i tried to rev it to keep it run but it still shuts off.
    please help asap.


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    could be a number of things....did your car have any strange idle problems before....could be a faulty tps lil bro's car dis the same thing...and all it was was a bad tps sensor...

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    the idling was fine b4...all i know is i started the car up this morning and it turned off right away. i tried steppin on the gas to see if it can stay on longer. but it still turned off.

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    an easy way to test is to borrow a throttle body from one of ur friends...if it starts and runs then u need a tps sensor..if not then u get to start checking other simple stuff such as fuel filter...listen to see if the fuel pump kicks in when the key is turned to the on position etc.....

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    but if its able to run for a couple sec could it still be the fuel?

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    fuel pump most likley is good...but a clogged filter may not be able to supply enough fuel to keep the engine running... i would try and check the tps out first

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    I would recommend trying the main fuel relay first. It's common for it to go bad on older Honda's. And the symptoms are very similar of what you're describing.

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    i had my dad check out the car and he said it could be the fuel filter or stuff pertaining to that. but from wut i has to do something with the ignition key. because , u know how theres that "acc" thing on ignition and after that is to turn to start the engine..well when i turn the key to that position the lights on gauges doesn't show up and when i start it it shuts right off. but when i get the gauges to show does start and keep on running. kinda hard to explain but neone think its other then the fuel filter?
    btw: where is the fuel filter at and how do i change it?


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    the problem is your ignition key... you must have a bad contact in there so when you start, the car has power, but simply putting the key to the II position doesn't power the car up... that's why it's shutting down right after you started it...
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    how can i get to the contact of the ignition? or how can i fix it?


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    Your problem sounds exactly like what member JOSH had a while ago that left him stranded on the freeway.( kinda wierd when you see a fellow members ride on the freeway shoulder)If i remember rite he also had the startup and dying problem along with the dash lights not turning on when we were at Dans house. The problem he had was a bad iignition key wiring harness. Maybe you should email him and tell him what exactly your car is doing as he would know more about then i would. I believe it was like 70 bones for the harness at the dealer so maybe you should check it out....HTH

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    yea...thats exactly how mines is! cause i know my engine is in top shape..and the ignition key shows some problem.
    what is Josh screenname on here...or wut is his email?


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    his member name is JOSH dont know his email, maybe find it under members search...HTH

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    Originally posted by LeftCorner
    I would recommend trying the main fuel relay first. It's common for it to go bad on older Honda's. And the symptoms are very similar of what you're describing.
    Ditto. Particularly if it was warm out, and started up after sitting for a while.

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    i agree with what answer 91 was doing the same thing.i would start it and as soon as i would back the key off of the starter it would shut off.i took my whole steering wheel column apart and it turned out that the contact on the back of my key cylinder was loose. i tightened the screws and seems to be working fine. best of luck........shawn

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