Message posted: 19:15 UT (23:15PM Eastern) MONDAY 17 OCTOBER 2016

Welcome to the Generation 2 Integra Club forums!

During an upgrade of software that was needed to close security gaps, we encountered some errors that currently prevents posts from being viewed. We are working with VBULLETIN support on a solution. Trying the latest patch that was supposed to fix this problem did not work, so the database has been sent to the VBulletin developers for further troubleshooting. If you are an expert in VBULLETIN and can offer your services, we would appreciate it. Contact [email protected] Thank you!

Again, we sincerely apologize for the downtime, and appreciate your patience. Updates will be reflected here and on our Facebook page if warranted. (

Please bookmark the Facebook site or Twitter site ( for future use to be informed of any issues should G2IC become unavailable.

You do not have to be a member of either site to view status updates.

- Neil (NFULFX)