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Thread: Oil light flashing

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    Oil light flashing

    hey guys need some help.

    Ive got a 91 Acura Integra, RS, 4dr. has 280xxxkm on the originally motor. For some reason, the oil light keeps flashing. I do not see any blue smoke from the exhaust, the compression is good and I have recently changed the oil pressure sensor switch about a month ago [acura geniune part] during that month, the light did not come on, however, recentely my rad hose blew, and unfortunately i had to drive it home about 4km on high temp, but low speed. Engine runs fine - im still driving it it.

    Any thoughts?


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    As most everyone has said you first need to make sure that you have oil pressure and then here is some more info.

    This will tell you how to fix the ICU.
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    That's good info ^. If none of that work check to see if you oil pan is dented. It could be blocking the oil passage. That's what happened to me.

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    So burning oil inside the engine - [ie when engine temperature needle is pinned to Hot] can this short exposure of burnt oil clogg/block possibly the oil filter? - leading to poor inconsistant oil pressure?

    So based on these sequences, if i gues a engine flush and oil change, ths may eliminate the flashing light??

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    I would change the oil pressure sending unit and then look at the ICU.

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    So basically, you overheated the engine, drove for 4km with little or no coolant and you haven't changed your oil & oil filter? INTEGRA ABUSE!!!!
    Change your oil and filter and let us know what happens... BTW, I dont think that any engine "flush" would be good for an engine with 280,000km...

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    CASE CLOSED new issue coolent leak

    So the Oil light flashing mistery is solved - the yellow/red wire wasnt ground.

    Sooo, my mechanic cut wire, and re-soldered the connecting from the firewall terminal to the interior.

    its gonne!

    But the integra issues are not over - Ive just recently replace the coolent, therostat, lower rad hose, upper rad hose, and the by pass hose - and i found a coolent leak this morning. When all this wash change, the radiator was also pressure tested, it was ok!!

    What can it be? Freeze plug? i dont hear any water pump failure, the temperature is sustained just below half.

    any ideas????

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    I'm just throwing ideas, so check the coolant passage tube that runs from the thermostat housing to the housing on the water pump, it's a rubber seal on each end, could be worn out. that's what happenend to me.

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    you're probably leaking coolant on the inside of the motor from the head you just warped.

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    can these worn rubber seal possibly cause the car to overheat too??
    This car is wicked, but it has been an uphill challenge

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    I would call an old priest and a young priest and bring a 55 gallon drum of holy 5w-30 oil and perfom an exocism. Or give into the darkside of tegs and offer a blood sacrafice for each repair you try to do.

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