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Thread: brake booster/ master cylinder pushrod clearance

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    brake booster/ master cylinder pushrod clearance

    I replaced both my master cylinder, and my brake booster.
    I have no brake pedal pressure until about the very bottom right before the floor. I measured the clearance, and the push rod is meeting the mastercylinder really late in the brake motion.
    I am hesitant about adjusting the pushrod in the brake booster, because i don't want to do it to much and have messed up braking,
    as of now the push rod on the brake booster is pretty much flush with it casing, does anyone know if it has to be sticking out, if so how far?
    or how to fix this problem?

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    You need to follow the Haynes or helms serive manual for brake bleeding procedure.

    If you don't have one then buy mine in the for sale threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    After 2 years of my brake pedal not engaging until it almost hits the floor I tried everything possible including replacing and rebuilding the entire braking system to no avail...The link Gekko posted above was what finally did it and returned by brakes to working order. It was not easy, but it worked. I honestly would have just sold the car if it didn't. It totally saved my ass.

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