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Heater/AC knob and radio has no power intermittently

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  • Heater/AC knob and radio has no power intermittently

    The heater fan/blower/AC on my 91 Integra stops function intermittently. The blower resistor has been replaced and still no power. The cigarette lighter and radio do not work either intermittently. After a few hits on the dashboard, it went back up along with the radio. Before I open up the climate controls to investigate, have you guys come across this and how you fixed this common issue? Thanks alot.

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    I would suggest making sure the fuse box is bolted down along with making sure all connectors are plugged and secured. Double check all your grounds and if everything is good, I would take out the dashboard and find the culprit.


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      "Make sure the fuse box bolted down"? I didn't know that would be an issue but I will check that.