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Turn signals stopped working! -totally-

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  • Turn signals stopped working! -totally-

    Hey. My turn signals totally stopped working today. No fast blinking or anything. No blinking -at all-. The only thing I know, is that my front bumper light came undone, and was being dragged for a little bit. The bulb busted, and the metal base got a little mangled, but I managed to pop it out, and replace the bulb w/ a new one. The plastic base and whatnot still seemed to be okay. Unsure though. Could it be a fuse? If so, I looked under my hood, at the fuse box, and no fuse was listed for signals. Please help! Thanks guys. | poison free.

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    yeah, u need to check the fuse. sometimes, if the two metal pieces inside the bulb holder touch, there could be a short, and then the light stops working. i did it on accident cleaning some rust off of mine (on my 91 civic hatch):p oppssss. anyways i just replaced the fuse, and that was it. i hope that helps.


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      Thanks! All fixed up. It was an inside the vehicle fuse. Not under the hood. Fuse #1, actually. It was blown, and now its fixed! =) Thanks guy. | poison free.