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  • fog light bulbs

    how the hell do i change my fog light bulbs? theres so much in the way and all my other light are super white except my fog lights, it looks stupid, some one help my car look not soo stupid, thanks- plus i wanna do the glare guard teg tip so theyre really bright but for now i wanna just change my bulbs, i need some thing more detailed than what the teg tips tell me about the bulb changing

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    Simple. Loosen the small nut on the inside edge of the bulb housing to remove the whole housing. Once the fog light housing is free then remove the round black rubber cover on the back of the housing. Un-snap the retaining clip that holds the H3 bulb in. Remove the Bulb but dont touch the glass portion unless you are throwing the bulb away. disconnect the wires. Connect the wires from the new bulb, again be very careful not to touch the glass. Install the rest in reverse order. Re-clip, Black cover, and reinstall housing. Done..

    I removed the glare guards by just breaking them out through the hole in the back, very simple.
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      teg tips


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        thanks that was a much easier to understand than the teg tips, or maybe i just read the rong tip