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Project Time Bomb 1992 $400 integra

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  • Project Time Bomb 1992 $400 integra

    So I recently purchased a 1992 Integra LS 5spd with 230k on the motor I picked it up for $400.00 because the previous owner thought it was the alternator even though it would turn over and the batter had a good charge.

    Car $400
    Tow $69
    TOTAL $469

    After I got it back to my shop I found the car didnt have spark and went down to my friendly Oreilly auto parts for a new Distributor.

    New Distributor $131
    TOTAL $600

    I had previously been looking for a project to put the bottle on so I had a nitrous kit and add on's in the shop already. Have Purge and bottle warmer and gauge as well as brackets and lines.


    Zex Wet Kit $272.50
    Tuner Kit $300.00
    TOTAL $900.00

    I located a Walbro 255 from an old project sitting around on the shelf.

    255 Walbro $100
    TOTAL $1000

    If I am going to be running it then I'll need lighter wheels/tires than whats on it found a set of beat up Rotas had a set of 15 drag slicks sitting already


    Rotas $100
    Slicks Free so old no cracks
    Sandblasting $100
    Paint $25
    TOTAL $1225

    Had to transfer the title after driving it a few days to make sure it didnt blow up on its own with no help from me. Seems to run a little rich but plunty good enough for a $400 time bomb.

    Title $41
    Ins $38
    TOTAL $1304

    Had to pick up a door at the junk yard other one was caved in also replaced the ricer tail lights with stockers.



    Tail Lights
    Door $119
    TOTAL $1423

    The door was black so im sticker bombing it with performance part only stickers love hate it whatever.


    Wanna Sticker $10
    TOTAL $1433

    Ordered a window switch for the nitrous activation from summit racing.

    Window switch $51
    TOTAL $1484

    Found an old school timing controller on ebay as well as an AEM Fuel rail and Regulator



    MSD Timing Retard $83.77
    AEM Stuff $135.00
    TOTAL $1702.77

    Needed a new set of corner lights to get it inspected... so thats a bummer but they are on the way.

    Ebay Corners $29.99
    TOTAL $1732.76

    Still bidding on a older MSD SCI ignition controller for the timing setup..... so heres hoping on that one...


    So down to brass tacks and please do not answer Technical questions if you have not experience with nitrous and the b18a1 and disregard the mileage what should be my end game shot for the kit its a wet kit from zex and i know i can roll into it with a progressive controller so does 100 shot sound out of the question with 4 degrees retard after coming out of the hole hitting it at WOT in second... and what could it possible run if everything hold together?

    Anyone else who has done extensive weight reduction such as gutting the doors or running without door windows?

    Thought about lexan but it isn't street legal and I cant imagine driving in the rain on slicks so if its fair weather only I may remove them.

    Thanks in advance for any advise will try to post here daily if the thread needs to be moved let me know?

    Will post more pics as I get them.

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    Decided if I want to make a good time at the track then weight reduction is needed...



    Weight Reductions $FREE
    TOTAL $1732.76

    Might do kirkey seats but that could restrict me from the track with no roll bar :/
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      Coming a lot nicely. I'm guessing this da use to be black?


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        Looks like it the paint and body are rough so its probably going to end up multi colored. Thinking about dying the seats black but no sure if I care enough to do it.


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          looks great


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            Will be mounting up the wheels/tires tonight and attach pics. Anyone know where I can find a used lexan back window or carbon hood/hatch?


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              Tires and wheels mounted spray painted rota's with nitto's on the front and cheapo hankooks on the rear. You can see it here but the fiav and idle control stuff has been deleted so the car idles currently around 1k. Hoping to make more progress to night and mount and wire the nitrous system.


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                Looks clean man, and rotas for 100??? Thats a steal. Even beat up wheels like that around San Antonio people want 250+


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                  Well they are a little rough but yes for less than $600 for tires and wheels it wasn't bad plus I sold the old wheels for $180.

                  New tires $451.00
                  Spray Paint $28.00
                  Sold Wheels -$180.00
                  Remote Opener $157.00
                  Misc Switches $25.00

                  Total $2213.76

                  Heres the old wheels that are sold.

                  If anyone needs a sunroof or passenger door glass or mirror let me know.

                  I am currently wiring in the nitrous system and running the lines hope to have it done before the weekend will post pics around noon today. Sorry I haven't updated in a while.

                  Also I have headlights now after ripping out the hotbox hid's that where in there. I don't know if it was the HID boxes that where bad or the wiring regardless I now have headlights. Though when i turn on the turn signals no matter which way I have the stock both blink??? lol
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                      Plexi sunroof conversion $121.81
                      Misc wiring $18.60

                      Total $2354.57

                      Will finish the nitrous installation and run wiring tonight and if i have enough time I will install the switch panel and test it all.
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                        Nitrous system is complete installed now working on installing the electronics. I have recently found out there is a nation wide nitrous shortage and none in springfield mo where I reside. If anyone has any info on a place I could buy from in the northern Arkansas Southern Missouri area I am all ears.

                        Misc switches $24.00
                        Misc wireties $21.00

                        Total $2399.57


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                          Heres some of the parts that came on the car appares to be all the suspension was done not sure what they are yet and really don't care the most important part they ar lighter than stock!

                          Heres the car prior to sticker bombing while I was running the nitrous wiring and lines.

                          20170926_213047[1].jpg .
                          Bottle installed with bottle heater I have also added a remote bottle opener pictures to follow.


                          Location of the nitrous controller all I need now is to finish the wiring for the ignition and get the bottle filled!

                          Also I scrapped the old dented door at the junk yard for a whopping $7.00 but I was able to get total weight on the car with a 3/4 tank of gas in me in it.


                          Shooting for 11's. Stay tuned.
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                            Nitrous is in still having a problem around 3k with bogging for a moment or sputtering until i give it more gas mostly happens under part throttle.

                            Ordered and installed a PSN-1 gauge and have it set for 3800-6200rpm window with 12.5 afr or richer and 800psi bottle pressure for testing.

                            Ramped up the fuel pressure regulator to 46psi which keeps my afr under ecu only around 12 afr or better even under full throttle seeing around 10 afr.

                            Took it out for its first test and a second gear pull today and wow does it feel different on the spray.

                            Will be wrapping up some loose ends such as wiring looms and zipties then adjusting the static fuel pressure back down so I am in the 11.0/11.8 range to keep from going lean on tip in.

                            Still need to set the static timing as I have no idea what its set at right now after replacing the distributor.

                            updates soon...


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                              Just ordered a data cable for logging the psn-1

                              Data cable $16.00
                              O2 Sensor $34.00
                              Returned window switch -$45.00
                              PSN-1 gauge $324.00
                              Misc stickers $4.23
                              Rear Brakes $121.79
                              Nitrous fill $80.00 from a friend as there is a nitrous shortage here
                              Battery $71.55

                              Total = $3006.14

                              Looking like 12's as the trans I have and no LSD = no traction.