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Where do i get charge pipes!!!!

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    We get an OK yet?


      I received 1 repsonse back which just asked for some feedback (which I have a laundry list of 100% positive feedback from other sponsored sites).

      I'm just waiting to hear back. The kits are ready to be produced, I've got a groupbuy price and program ready as well, just waiting on the reply.



        Lets introduce the groupby price for these kits!

        Hope he get back to you soon, so we can get the ball rolling.



          Passenger side

          Drivers side

          these are very nice and all, But FYI for those of us that have 92-93 cars. the area that need to be cut out is where our horn(s) sits. in order to place the horn where it is on the 90-91, triming of the front bumper will be needed in order to get it back on the car.

          Just thought I would mention it


            Thanks for the info.

            Horns are overrated.


              agreed...with comment above

              Are these kits ready for manufacturing? Would we be able to form a groupbuy list to see how much interest there is? I would like to start on my build and this would do quite nicely.


                ^^there for sale on their website...any chance you guys would make a upper cold pipe with no bends for those of us who have relocated our battery??


                  Yes, they are ready for manufacturing at any time. I will contact the mod here again.

                  The groupbuy price would be an additional $20 off the sale price at least.

                  I'm sure I could probably do one w/ no bends as well. I just need to do some measurements. The reason I didn't do one at the time was to keep the profille of the upper charge pipe low to help with heed clearance. Keepinf the upper pipe straight and then 90ing it straight down looked as though it may have been cuting it close, even though I've seen several setups on here like that.


                    Just curious how much space is between the hot and cold pipes. Like what size FMIC these are made for.

                    I would like to keep the bead rolled ends and not have to hack them up.


                      i'd also like to know this as i'll be changing my setup next summer.


                        Any word from the mods yet ill be all over these for my build this summer


                          No word from the mod yet, I will email him again.

                          I used one of our 29" intercoolers during mockup. Fitment would be fine 27" to 31". The piping stops at the edge of the inner edge of the horns.


                            Looks great. i def gotta get me a set in the coming months, gotta buy the swap first.

                            Great job.


                              Does anybody have pictures of a piping and the b piping mounted up