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Car starts then shuts off and battery light comes on

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  • Car starts then shuts off and battery light comes on

    hey G2ic

    I am in need of a little help I went to start my car tonight so that i could go and run some errands it started up like it always does ran for like and minute and shut off then the battery light came right on. So I started it up again and the same thing happened again so I checked to make sure that the water in the battery wasn't low which it was so I filled it back up I started the car again and it did the same thing as stated above.

    So now I am wondering if my battery took a crap or is it my alternator and if it is my alternator can I put the LS alternator in my b20b or do i have to buy one for the Crv

    any advice would be great thanks
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    Sounds like your alternator to me.

    Use a voltmeter and check the output of the alternator. Take the black lead and hook it to the negative terminal on the battery.. take the positive lead and hook it to the 10mm nut on the alternator. With the car on, you should be around 13-14v. If its any lower or higher you probably have a bad voltage regulator/alternator.

    You can also check the batter to make sure its at or above the required 12v.

    Yes, a B18 alternator will fit on a B20 swap.


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      Did u check the alternator belt?


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        So i had the alternator checked out today at pep boys and they said it was fine. I also had my battery checked out they said it was dead so I replaced it, I checked the belts and everything it they seem to be fine. So I cleaned out the IACV and the car ran fine up until I went to move the car it would move then die. it starts right up after but as soon as I go to move the car it dies again. I am at a lost right now. I mam not getting any check engine light or anything but i decided to see if any codes would come up anyways which I was able to get a code 11 out of the ecu even though it didnt throw out a check engine light. the code that it is throwing is a bad electronic control module, so now I am wondering if the car battery was dead and with me not knowing it was dead and trying to start the caar could I have fried the ECU ?


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          There is no code 11, at least not on any list that I can find.

          No you can't fry your ecu from trying to start the car with a dead/dying battery.


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            oh okay thanks. well as for the ecu code it was one long blink than of fast blink and that was it


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              Check the plugs at the ECU. Try unplugging them and plugging them back in a few times. Believe it or not corrosion can cause a lot of problems. Even simple oxidation of contacts. Is the battery light the only light that came on or did more? I had a problem like this and it ended up being the ignition switch. It would start the car but the detents on the switch contacts were bad so even though the key was in the run position, the car would die. Exactly as if I shut it off. Try holding the key after you start it (not in the full start position but towards the run position).
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                Check the grounds, make a temporary ground from the negative terminal to the engine block directly using some spare wire and try driving.