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85mm b18c

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    Depends on which sleeves you go with.. 85-86mm is about as far as most people go.


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      LOL @ a stock bore, stock rotating assembly, stock itr header, stock intake mani b18c making 235whp.


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        Originally posted by G2guru View Post
        85mm bore on stock sleeves is NOT possible. I have myself have a 85.5mm B18C pushing 250 at the wheels.

        B18C1 Block w/ 85.5mm Golden Eagle Godzilla Sleeves
        ITR Crank
        Eagle GSR Rods
        Arias 85.5mm 12:1 CR Pistons
        Stock Honda Rod and Main Bearings
        P73 Head with Portflow Headwork, Toda Valve Springs, and Crower Titanium Retainers
        Toda Spec B Cams
        ITR Intake Manifold
        RC 70mm ITR Throttle Body
        RC 310cc Injectors
        Toda Spec 1 header
        Resonated Test Pipe
        RS*R Exmag Exhaust
        AEM EMS

        It's not a simple as buying a bunch of parts and slapping them together. It's tuning, tuning, and more tuning. Get out your wallet and best of luck.

        NICE. That build is all business. I'm doing a mild build in a few months. JDM ITR pistons and cams/valve-train in a JDM B18C (non Type-R). With a mildly ported intake side, and a port matched first gen Skunk2 Intake Manifold, I'm hoping to break into the upper 180's with mine. If I hit the 190's, I won't be mad about it Will be tuning with Hondata s300 at CNC Engine Dynamics in Winchester, VA. These guys are doing absolutely top tier work.

        /thread jack...
        back on topic. 84 is kind of an "absolute limit" on stock sleeves, and that is something I wouldn't mess with, either. If I was building a motor and needed that kind of a bore, I'd have it sleeved. No question about it. If I bored out my B18C, I wouldn't do any more than I had to. I MIGHT toy with 82mm, just to ensure I had plenty of room to clean up if I ever needed to rebuild and re-bore it somewhere down the road. For now, I'll stick with the factory 81mm and have a Coke and a smile.
        **follow my build thread**


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          Yeah.. I had my factory sleeved block bored to 81.5mm just to make sure the cylinders were perfectly round. High-mileage blocks are apt to having 'oval' shaped cylinders due to the motion of the rotating assembly.

          But its not a good idea to go much further on stock sleeves. If you need more displacement just save yourself the headache and do it right the first time.


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            I'm thinking of building this JDM R block I have for my DA. Probably going to bore it out to 83mm with 11.5:1-12:1 CP pistons. I'm not sure which one yet but it will be a good build


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              Originally posted by Deceptakhan View Post
              LOL @ a stock bore, stock rotating assembly, stock itr header, stock intake mani b18c making 235whp.


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                Then could his heating issues be from something else not just tbe 86mm bore sleeves