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s2000 pedal in da ??? can it be done ???

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  • s2000 pedal in da ??? can it be done ???

    hey guys i am doing auto to manual in my 92 rs, i am also converting to hydro clutch too but i want to put s2000 pedal Assembly can it be do?? is it a bolt on like dc2 pedal???

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    are you saying the dc2 pedals fit in a gen2? can you post info you found?


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      i will try to find the link, dc pedals fit on da's


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        Originally posted by anthonyfa18 View Post
        i will try to find the link, dc pedals fit on da's
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          Originally posted by ThaiB20 View Post
          are you saying the dc2 pedals fit in a gen2? can you post info you found?

          this will help u

          Originally posted by Armed Ferret View Post
          New name, new outlook on life. Zoomintegra doesn't exist anymore. Worked out some things with Neil and others, as well as myself. That being said, here goes....


          Okay, this is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately I don't have photos at this time. I just got back recently (as many of you know) from being deployed, and coupling that with an ORI (graded wargames) here at Offutt, I'm honestly pretty damned busy. However, here's the prelimiary write-up, and when I get some more time I will do a more extensive (hopefully step-by-step provided the guy follows through with his plan) pictorial write-up. But this covers the important steps.

          **First things first!!** I HIGHLY recommend doing this with the engine out of the bay. That's how I did mine, and should you come to me with questions and you're trying to do it with the engine in the bay, be prepared for me to go into asshole mode. I can't answer questions if you're doing it differently than me, because i hate discussing theory and then people getting pissed when it doesn't work. I will relate MY experiences and my experiences only.

          You'll need to start out, obviously, with the transmission of your choice from a 94-up integra. LS/GS, GSR, B16 and ITR will all install the same. You'll also need to go to either a boneyard or your local O'Reilly's and source the following parts:

          --Clutch Pedal assembly from any 94-up integra
          --Clutch Master Cylinder from any 94-up integra
          --All hardlines from a 94-up integra **OR** appropriate braided hose and fittings. Personally, i used the hardlines out of a wrecked car so I am not familiar with the correct size and length of various hose and fittings necessary. Perhaps one day i will upgrade, but what i have works just fine for me for now, and the lines, MC, and pedal assembly were 50 bucks from a local boneyard. 99 gsr, got rearended.

          Finally, you'll need to contact Place Racing at 626-334-3345 and tell them you're putting a b-series hydro tranny into a 90-93 integra and you need the mount. As of today when I talked to them, it costs $157 and they have several in stock. mention g2ic and who knows you might get a deal.

          The install is so straightforward once you get in that engine bay there's really nothing left to say to be honest. Remove your stock clutch cable and pedal assembly as per the instructions in the Helms. If you don't have the Helms, don't email or IM me asking for instructions. BUY A HELMS. I have the .pdf scan on my computer for previewing a job, and when i'm actually working i have the printed version that i purchased with me. I suggest you do the same.

          You'll need to do a little bit of firewall drilling to attach the master cylinder in the engine bay; as soon as you get the stock pedal out and mock up the assembly you'll see exactly what needs to be drilled. 10 minute job right there; very simple.

          Attach and run the clutch lines along the firewall (if you use braided lines, you don't have to follow the firewall, just make sure you have enough slack to work around anything resembling an engine that may later be there). With the Place Racing mount in place, put your engine and tranny in the car. attach the lines to the slave cylinder, fill the master, and bleed it all. You're set to go!!

          Any questions feel free to contact me via email -- -- or AIM: AirForceTeg


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            bump plz some info on if the s2000 pedel fit our da ???