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Replacing header with heat (header) shield still in place...Possibility?!!?

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  • Replacing header with heat (header) shield still in place...Possibility?!!?

    Ok so i was wanting to replace the header in my DB1 w/ something that would allow it to breath better, but here's the catch, i still wanted to maintain the heat shield on the header. Not for 'function' but more for....keeping the engine bay stock looking (aside from the intake i just purchased). Anyone have an idea of a header that will allow that?

    I searched on the ITR header as i saw on another forum where a header shield remained but they were using the ITR header on their ITR swap w/ the heat shield. So i did the research and saw that the cross member would have to be notched, but also the oil pan would have to be 'bent' for lack of better terminology for it to work and have good/decent clearance.....

    With that said, anyone have any idea, or am i pretty much stuck w/ the OEM header on here?

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    Use the OEM CTR (or '96-97 ITR) cast manifold.. they are a 4-2-1 design, but still have a 2.5" collector and, from what I read, clear our crossmember.

    Now I'm not totally positive that it clears, as I sold mine before I had a chance to install it.. But, they can be had for fairly cheap from JDMShit.

    That being said, most any aftermarket header will require notching of the subframe.. unless its DA-specific.


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      ok i'm going to wait for more input, as well as search on the 96-97 spec header..i guess the header i was looking at was the 98+ ITR (4-1), thought they were all 4-1


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        ^read through that thread, they never clarified if running a 92+ LS oil pan or getting a 98+ ITR oil pan would allow one to be able to clear the oil pan w/ the 98+ spec header

        i've also grown concerned of how low eitehr 96 spec and 98 spec header sit, because i do plan to go pretty low as well when its all said and done. but no one posted any pics of how it sits in relation to height/low of their respective cars