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my 250hp all motor B series build.

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    my 250hp all motor B series build.

    My name is Carlos . I currently builded a b20v and made really nice power with it. So I figured I'll share my parts so other b series lovers can enjoy similar results if going k20 is not an option . However it's not cheap to make this kind of power all motor on a b20v.. anywayz let's get to the ingredients. I habe nothing to keep secret and I'll like my fellow Honda enthusiast to have similar results. I did do a lot of the labor on this engine myself and got help from some really knowledgeable ppl so I won't take all the credit myself. Am sure there are other ways and parts to do things but this is what I used and how I did it .

    engine is b20v
    b16 head ported (hand ported) not polished
    Head was heavely shaved to increase compression
    super tech springs , retainers and flat valves.
    Skunk2 stage 2 pro series cams
    skunk 2 lost motion
    Arp headbolts

    Block b20
    bored 85mm
    golden eagle block guard. Not sleeve ... I know ... many ppl will critize this but I never had issues with b20 sleeves. I always tune my engines and they last me well .
    13:5:1 cp high dome pistons
    eagle first gen rods
    arp rod bolts.
    Acl engine bearing all around
    crankshaft knife edged and balanced

    Jdm itr lsd 4.4 final .
    Exedy stage 2 clutch
    exedy racing lightweight flywheel.

    Head gasket I used jeggs .30
    all new oem Honda seals and gasket all around

    This engine was degreed and also clayed to measure clearance .
    This amazing job was done by Darnell from ondaedge performance.

    Bolts ons goes as follow .
    Victor X ported dipped in kevlar manifold - shocked it made this good power . Usually I use skunk2 but very happy with victor x
    Str old school 70mm TB-- also shocked a 70mm made it to 250hp
    rdx 410 injectors -- also surprised they work as well
    1320 rmf style big tune headers.
    Vms manual crank pulley.
    Ngk cheap plugs - not iridium
    oem dizzy --- no ignition upgrade at all
    aem 320 e85 pump
    Shitty 3 inch short ram intake -- surprised car made 250 on this shitty pipe
    Car was tune by the one and only Fred aka derftune on a very humid hot day and still made 250hp

    So this is my engine build ... the parts that I used And the results I made . I know I'm leaving a little bit of power on the table by not switching to a longer and better intake pipe , not using iridium plugs and not running a skunk ultra manifold and 74mm Tb ... overall I'm happy I made it 250hp this is such a big accomplisment for a average joe like me . I don't own a shop or work for a shop . The fact i build this engine and made a lot more power than a lot b20v in my city makes me feel great about the build .

    I couldn't have done it without the help of my little brother Robert , My right hand man badik aka 16valvevtec for the sleepless nights assembling the car and getting the engine to run smooth with me . Darnell from ontheedge performance for the sweet degreed and clay of the engine to make sure it all sits and works smooth inside the engine . And finally Fred from derftune for dialing the engine in line to make this power .

    Engine is currently is my Da as a test dummy shell . Soon I'll be swapping it to my mint 91 crx si . Where it shall rest in piece

    Ima post some pics of the engine , Dyno graph and car . Thanks guys .URL=]:::::::

    Very badass man! I'm jealous. What type of engine management are you running?


      I'm curious about what something like this would cost. Do you have a ballpark or spreadsheet? My email is my username here at gmail if you don't want to publicly share. I was curious on the reliability of a b20 for sustained high rpm abuse on the race track.


        congrats.. tuned by derf..
        are you here in So Fla ?


          I commend your hard work on this and thank you for this information

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