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93 GSR B20B swap- transmission replacement quesstions

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  • 93 GSR B20B swap- transmission replacement quesstions

    if there is a thread for this will someone please drop a link for me.

    Im looking to replace my tranny and was wondering my best options, it is the ys1 cable transmission atm.
    its not completely shot yet, but i need to explore options soon.

    is my best finding a parts car? or junkyard?

    can all bseries trans link up to any bseries motor?
    will i need to replace my cv axles again? ( i just got brand new ones)

    id like to just grab an LS transmission and be done with it.

    also cable to hydro conversions? is their an actual kit we can buy? is it worth it? Or is it to pricey?

    this is all more than likely common knowledge to most, but i like this forums insight on everything.

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    You can use your axles as long as you use a DA half shaft. You can easily use any DA/ EF Sir cable trans (S1, A1, Y1, J1& short or tall geared YS1). You just need to match the clutch disc to the input spline size (90/92 or 92/93) of your transmission. The factory flywheels are all the same on B series.

    you can install 94 and up hydraulic transmissions if you buy either a cable to hydro adapter or a hush performance hydraulic clutch master and line.

    sorry I refuse to post links. Half of learning is being able to search for answers. Google & Youtube are super easy to search.